Areas of expertise

We focus on solving the needs of fast-moving industries and are doing just that with our inside knowledge and strong network of talents.
Either if it's temporary or long term, an entire recruitment or only parts of the process, second opinion or coaching, we have the solution for you!

We only work within the areas of expertise where actual change is created. Regardless of whether it is about improving the product, marketing, technology or customer experience.


Temporary / Permanent

Temporary staffing is a fast and flexible solution for a specific time-limited project or when important knowledge is missing at the moment and must be in place quickly. It can be pure resource enhancement or, if needed, a specialist.

We also provide more long-term solutions, a range of different recruitment services, solving more permanent needs. Maybe more appropriate when it is crucial to, in the long run, maintain core competence and build a stronger culture.



Very often, we sucessfully combine above solutions, to ensure that crucial work processes run efficiently. Or, by fusing temporary with permanent, building together the most effective interim team for the task.

All needs are unique. Many want a lot, others settle for less. Providing alternatives, that can be utilized dynamically, in different ways.
Let one of our sub-services do parts of the job to achieve success and change. Read more about Reach, Search, Short, Playable, Safe and Coaching here.

An agile focus

We take a human-centered approach in everything we do. With an agile methodology and responsive process we work in sprints in close collaboration with involved stakeholders. We dig deep into business strategies, growth tactics, product development and culture in order to identify and map out the core competence requirements. From situation analysis and profiling to activation, search, headhunting and quality assurance.


We have a broad and creative mindset when identifying potential candidates or consultants. We act as advisors, providing counseling and coaching throughout the whole process, towards both parties. Evaluation and follow-ups is always conducted to assure we reach long-term satisfaction.

All Talent Agents at TRIB are former business developers, marketing communicators, digital specialists and design experts and we’ll be your strategic partner and advisor in any given assignment. You will be assigned a Talent Agent tailored to your specific need supported by a team that will share both knowledge and network creating exponential synergies.

If interested in any of above, please ping one of us!