Boost your process
with our support

All needs are unique. Many want a lot, others less; in both cases, we can help. Through our various Support offerings, we can provide our knowledge and experience to amplify your internal recruitment initiatives. Smart support where aid is most needed.

This is how we can support

Let us know what part of the process you need to support in, and we will help you reach your goal more efficiently. It is of course possible to combine these services! Reach out and we can tell you more.

  • Boost – You get access to our network of talent currently looking for their next step. People on the move – candidates we can introduce you to.
  • Branding – We reach out to our external network with an integrated marketing and creative employment branding effort, together with targeted emails to profiles in our database.
  • Headhunting – We identify, evaluate and attract talent to your existing recruitment process. Let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen.
  • Quality Assurance – Competence-based in-depth interviews and strategies for quality assessment of candidates.

Pick only
what you need

Together with our colleagues, talent, and clients, we have built a network of brilliant minds and a process that gives you access to what you really need.

We know that many stars need to align to find, attract, and convert a dream candidate. We know that you know this, but sometimes need a helping hand or boost in the process.

Why Trib?

With an agile methodology and responsive process, we work in sprints in close collaboration with involved stakeholders. We dig deep into business strategies, growth tactics, product development and culture in order to identify and map out core competence requirements – from situation analysis and profiling to activation, search, headhunting, and quality assurance.

All Talent Agents at TRIB are former business developers, marketing communicators, digital specialists, and design experts who will be your strategic partner and advisor in any given assignment. You will be assigned a Talent Agent tailored to your specific needs, always supported by a team sharing their knowledge and networks to create exponential synergy.

We have a global and diverse network of top talents. From fresh knowledge to senior management level we provide specialists within marketing, growth, product, design and tech.

We are always thinking long term, when it comes to both clients and candidates. We don’t see it as “building our network”, we are in fact nurturing meaningful relationships.

Trib is a talent agency.
Chimichurri is a sauce.

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By joining Trib you will be a part of our closest network. In every new opportunity, you will be in our minds. Please give us some info below and you’re all set. And of course, you’re still welcome to contact us when you find something you like.