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* Exceptional talents who truly make a difference are rare. Attracting them requires a blend of methodology, expertise, and extensive networks. We offer all these elements in a simple, versatile package, catering to both temporary and permanent needs.

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Industry Experts

Your dedicated Talent Manager offers tailored guidance, analyzing your situation and goals to pinpoint the best solution for your needs.

Tailored Talent

Gain access to our meticulously selected network of talent – quality-assured leaders, innovators, and experts, eager for their next opportunity.

Perfect Fit

We identify, evaluate, and secure the best candidate(s) to elevate your ambition and organization. Whether the requirement is short-term or long-lasting.

Our offerings

The best solution for your needs


Clever and versatile partnership plans, for both operational and executive level needs.

Talents that make a difference
Flexible payment solutions
Quality guarantee

From SEK 50.000

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Top talents and teams, quick as a flash.

Get exactly what you need
Pay only for what you get
Fast and furious
Modify if and when necessary

Delivery in 72h

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Spice up your internal employment efforts.

Add more relevant candidates
Strengthen your employer brand
Strategic headhunting
Quality assurance

Valuable extras

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Our focus

We build organizations and high-performing teams for start-ups, large enterprises, global brands and agencies. Together with our colleagues, talents, and clients, we have built a network of brilliant minds and a process that gives you access to what you need.

We value straightforward, productive partnerships, focusing on elite talent through a genuine, streamlined process.

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Daily Sports

Elevating Women’s Golf Fashion

In the aftermath of Summer 2023, a pivotal connection was formed with Daily Sports, a global powerhouse in women’s golf apparel. This partnership was sparked by a shared vision and a mutual commitment to excellence.

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Why Trib?

Utilizing an agile and adaptable methodology, we engage in swift, collaborative sprints with all essential stakeholders. Our intensive approach integrates business strategies, growth tactics, product development, and cultural insights. This thorough examination allows us to accurately pinpoint and delineate the necessary core competencies, encompassing situational analysis, profiling, activation, search, headhunting, and stringent quality control.

Our team is a diverse blend of former business developers, marketing communicators, digital gurus, and design aficionados, all poised to act as your strategic partners and consultants. For every project, we match you with a Talent Agent whose expertise is tailor-made for your specific requirements. This agent, supported by our collaborative team, harnesses collective wisdom and networks to create powerful synergies, guaranteeing you receive unparalleled and highly effective support.

Our global network boasts a diverse array of top talents, spanning from up-and-coming innovators to experienced senior management. We specialize in providing experts in marketing, growth, product development, design, and technology. This varied pool of professionals ensures that we offer a dynamic mix of fresh perspectives and seasoned insights, perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry. With our comprehensive approach, we connect you with the right expertise to drive your projects forward effectively, whether they require cutting-edge creativity or strategic executive experience.

Our approach prioritizes long-term success for both clients and candidates. We aim to foster deep, meaningful relationships, transcending mere business growth and network expansion. By understanding and aligning with the unique needs and visions of our clients and candidates, we establish partnerships based on trust and mutual respect. This commitment to depth over breadth in our relationships not only ensures immediate success but also sets the foundation for sustained collaboration and growth.

In need of impactful leadership?

The right leader can work miracles, playing a pivotal role in success and growth. Seek assistance in identifying and recruiting this transformative force for your organization.

  • Access our top executive talent network
  • Digital and business-oriented
  • Flexible plans customized to your needs
  • Permanent or interim
  • Fun along the way!

Trib is a talent agency.
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