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*Always on your side, we are here to support you in your professional evolution.

It’s not about your past, it’s about your future

Our main focus and reason for being is to support you as an individual to evolve in your personal development and career. Or, hey, just help you find a workplace that is perfect for you. We meet wonderful humans all day every day and we are constantly looking for the “person behind the resumé”.

We aim to understand who you are and what motivates you: your hopes and dreams and what kind of environment and culture would allow you to grow and flourish. Understanding this full picture enables us to match each and one of you with the right companies, people, roles, and projects.


By joining the Trib network, you become one of our friends. We will hook you up with new possible opportunities, invite you to talks, help you with stuff like portfolio reviews and salary reflections. Not looking for a job at the moment? Doesn’t matter to us, let’s be friends anyways. One day you might need us and we’ll be here!

There are three ways to get started:


  1. Head over to our job page to see both permanent positions and freelance gigs that are up for grabs at the moment.
  2. Join our network and tell us more about your dreams
  3. Go directly to our team page and contact one of us to get things started!

That’s cool, but #protip, join our network anyway! You never know what the future might hold and you’ll get insight into what’s happening out there. Who knows, maybe your dream opportunity will appear as a gift from above. We also throw parties, host seminars, and more, so join the fun!

New opportunities

Here are some of the most recent opportunities we are working with. Check out the full list of roles on our jobs page.

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Join our network

By joining our network, you become one of our friends! We’ll hook you up with new opportunities, invite you to talks, and help you with stuff like portfolio reviews or salary reflections.

  • Hear about new opportunities first
  • Get support in processes
  • Be invited to fun stuff
  • Receive future-path guidance

I choose my clients

This is Magda, a brilliant Designer in our Product Design Network, today building and improving the product at Majority – An international money transfer and international call service.

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By joining Trib you will be a part of our closest network. In every new opportunity, you will be in our minds. Please give us some info below and you’re all set. And of course, you’re still welcome to contact us when you find something you like.