Your need is permanent
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Elevate your business using our strategic permanent recruitment. With in-depth industry knowledge and a top-tier talent network, we guarantee impactful, lasting hires for sustained success. Our approach balances cost-effectiveness with expert recruitment.

Simplicity is key


Our simplest process. Sign a quality-assured top candidates from our active pool of talented people seeking their next step.

Talent Agent Support
Tap into our Talent Collective
Candidate Pitch within a week
Quality Assurance
Payment on success
Talent on the move*
Requires a collaboration contract


Our established delivery. Aligned with your high ambitions and culture – recruit a quality-assured top candidate from our network.

A dedicated Talent Manager
Launch Meeting and Activation
Sourcing in our Talent Network
Employer Branding towards our network
1st candidate pitch within four weeks
Quality Assurance
Flexible payment solutions


Our most comprehensive service builds teams and capacity, capturing top passive talent for dynamic organizational growth.

A Tailored Talent Team
Exploration in-depth Workshop
An Integrated Branding Campaign
Targeted Headhunting and Search
Ongoing evaluation and calibration of requirements
Quality Assessment
Flexible payment solutions



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Converting the best talent out there

With inside knowledge and experience, we focus on solving the needs of fast-moving industries through our ever-evolving network of talent.

Our recruitment strategy centers on simplicity, targeting the right new team member or leader efficiently.

Areas of expertise














In need of impactful leadership?

The right leader can work miracles, playing a pivotal role in success and growth. Seek assistance in identifying and recruiting this transformative force for your organization.

  • Access our top executive talent network.
  • Digital and business-oriented.
  • Flexible plans customized to your needs.
  • Permanent or interim.
  • Fun along the way!

The process in short



Effective collaborations stem from mutual understanding. They involve discussing ambitions, challenges, successes, trends, and strategies, as well as clarifying the assignment’s objectives and plan. By thoroughly understanding the specific need, role, and organizational context, we establish a solid base for our partnership.



A Talent Agent, backed by a team, oversees the project, handling activation and delivery management. Collaboratively, they utilize all resources and channels to plan and structure the ongoing effort of identifying and attracting the most suitable candidates.



We adopt an agile, sprint-based approach, working closely with the recruiting manager and maintaining constant dialogue. Candidates are sourced from our networks and sometimes also through headhunting, with ongoing evaluations and adjustments to the requirement profile as needed.



As strategic partners, we assist in assessing final candidates in line with HR protocols, whether through tests, business cases, or workshops. We ensure seamless communication between candidate and client, acting as a bridge to maintain momentum until signing. Post-recruitment, we stay engaged, checking in with both the hiring manager and the new colleague in the subsequent months.


More about our plans

Recruitment is all about probability, luck and timing. And we are lucky almost every day, when we repeatedly connect with and meet the best talents in our chosen areas of expertise.


Within the framework of Boost, we represent these profiles as agents and give our contracted clients unique access to them, when they happen to be available. But only then.


This arrangement requires that there is a cooperation agreement in place.


*Delivery is only of candidates who happen to be available here and now. No in-depth search in our network is included.

Having established an unparalleled network, we can now offer simplicity. Our Standard framework is designed to meet the most common competence requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. With this package, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions, both swiftly and affordably.


We identify suitable candidates in both our talent collective and from the large group of our connected fans. A collaboration based on a joint thorough start, governed by a dedicated Talent Agent. A broad branding activity is also included.

In situations where the network falls short, where skills are exceptionally specific, where employer branding lacks strength, where internal resources are inadequate, or when expertise is critical, we go beyond our robust network.


We reach out to relevant candidates we haven’t encountered before, crafting and executing a more comprehensive communication strategy to meet these unique challenges.

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