A guide to the gig galaxy

To improve the relationship and dialogue with you, our consultants, we have created a simpler manual, with concise useful, and important information. Always alive, constantly updated.

Welcome to our collective manual!

Work and more

Of course, we sign agreements between us. Documentation that clearly describes and states conditions and requirements. Fee, time, scope, work placement, notice period and other things. Everything to create both clarity and security.

The consultant undertakes to go through Trib for any further assignments with the client twelve months after the last completed project. The same applies to the client.

Of course, the consultant always has the right to perform assignments for other clients as well, unless these assignments affect the consultant’s ability to fulfill its obligations to the client. But, the consultant undertakes not to take on consulting assignments for companies that conduct directly competing activities with the client during the contract period.


In the event that the consultant’s commitment or other assignments may from time to time be questioned from a loyalty and interest perspective, the consultant shall immediately inform Trib and the client of such circumstances. This obligation must be fulfilled before a commitment or assignment is accepted by the consultant.

The consultant does not have the right to hire a sub-consultant without first obtaining both Trib’s and the client’s approval. In this case, the sub-consultant’s conditions towards the consultant must also be approved in writing by Trib and the client.

An assignment is often extended. Some things may then need to be adjusted contractually. Trib will as your agent have an ongoing dialogue with the client during the assignment and will negotiate any extensions for you. Of course, always in fully transparent collaboration with you.

The most common is that the consultant is paid per hour. Where the assignment contract itself contains information about the number of hours planned per month or for the entire period. But there is also the possibility of agreeing a fixed fee for a specific period or delivery. The opportunities are many, as long as everyone agrees and expectations are clear.

When it comes to both fees and payment, clarity and transparency are paramount. All such is negotiated in advance and formulated in common agreements. All payment is then made via Trib. A percentage surcharge is added by Trib, depending on the complexity, length and scope of the assignment.


The consultant is entitled to compensation for verified expenses that have arisen within the framework of the execution of the assignment, provided that such expenses have been approved in advance in writing by the responsible manager at the client.


Unless otherwise agreed, 30 days payment applies.

The standard termination period between the client and the consultant is one month, for assignments longer than three months. A termination is activated by a written notice to Trib.

Time report

This might not be the most exciting part of your assignment, so let’s make it as smooth as possible. By using Toggl Time Tracking you can easily add your hours for the project and get a (PDF) report for the month. Send that report to the email address time@trib.se with our joint contact person at the client on CC (unless otherwise agreed upon).


When your hours have been approved, send your invoice to invoice@trib.se

Guide to track your time

Code of conduct


The information of a confidential nature that the consultant receives through the assignment will not further be used or disclosed. All intangible material produced during the assignment belongs to the client and is not allowed to be used in competing or other activities. In case of any uncertainty about what is confidential or not, the precautionary principle is recommended. Permission from Trib or the client must always be obtained.

Competing business

If you have the opportunity to take on more consultancy assignments while you are working through Trib, make sure that you obtained approval from the client if it’s a competing business before signing up for the new gig.

Liability & tax

To take on assignments via Trib, you need a current insurance. You are always directly responsible to the client, both when it comes to its delivery and any other insurance matters. So, to have the right insurance in place is, to say the least, extra important.


Regardless of the consultant’s company form, the person conducting business is obliged to be registered with the Swedish Tax Agency. A register documentation must always be available as proof of this.

Privacy policy

All personal information at TRIB are handled in accordance with GDPR. Personal data linked to this specific assignment is saved for a maximum of twelve months. The client shall have own procedures that handle the regulations concerning GDPR and consultants who are treated within the framework of every assignment.



Our philosophy is clear – helping our network of consultants make their job as simple as possible. And then primarily to find fun and evolving projects to work on. But our ambition is actually much greater than that.

As a consultant you may also need assistance with billing, financial advice, accounting or even marketing. Through our vast network of specialists, we can offer all above, under one roof.

But we can also temporarily offer meeting rooms, printers or a cup of coffee when you are out of the beans. The sky’s the limit.

So please, tell us about your specific needs, and we will try to fulfill them in the best possible way.

Team spirit

Your Agent

To maintain good quality in our deliveries we have experienced Talent Agents assigned to every project. And our consultants get unlimited access to at least one of them. All with individual experiences, a track record and in-depth understanding of the industries we work with.

Caring is sharing

If you feel overwhelmed, please let your agent know. We are there for you, in all weathers.


Transparency is the warmest color and the core of Trib’s business. But also kindness, accessibility, and support. If you are happy, we are happy.


Trib arranges meetups and aims for simple companionship for other creative souls. We want to keep you inspired, perhaps some collaborations can happen! If you want to suggest an event or have a great idea of what you would like to see – hear or go to – let us know!


Part of the Trib Family you will also be growing our forest together in this small but lovely collab with Treedom. Planting trees for a greener planet and growing Treedom’s mission to make environmental and social initiatives simple and fun!


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