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Our mission is simple yet powerful: to accelerate all our clients’ success with smart, budget-friendly solutions. Our proven track record speaks for itself, showcasing our history of delivering solutions resulting in growth.


Let’s achieve greatness together!

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A blissful mix of creators, strategists, product developers, marketers, content creators and growth specialists.

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NPS doesn’t tell everything, but is a good indicator of satisfaction. And we are more than satisfied with the above figure.

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Temporary and permanent solutions within Marketing, Growth, Design, Product Development and Sales.

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Clever and versatile partnership solutions, for all and everyone.

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Top talents and teams, quick as a flash.

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Spice up your internal employment efforts.

Manage a flood of applications
Add more relevant candidates
Strengthen your employer brand
Strategic headhunting
Valuable advice and insights
Evaluation of team or individual
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Please assist!


Senior Product Designer


Senior Copywriter


Senior Strategist


Chief Digital Officer

EF Education

Lead Producer


Head of Product Design

H&M Move

Global Media Lead


Creative Director


Head of Product


Head of Brand Experience


Channel Owner Paid Search

Peak Performance

Social Media Manager


Creative Director


Client Director

Industry Experts

Your dedicated Talent Manager offers tailored guidance, analyzing your situation and goals to pinpoint the best solution for your needs.

Tailored Talent

Gain access to our meticulously selected network of talent – quality-assured leaders, innovators, and experts, eager for their next opportunity.

Perfect Fit

We identify, evaluate, and secure the best candidate(s) to elevate your ambition and organization. Whether the requirement is short-term or long-lasting.

Stats and facts

Founded in


The lack of a candidate-focused talent agency was already evident. Who truly believe in the magic that occurs between dreams and reality.

Network reach


Leveraging our global and nisched network, we effortlessly connect with relevant top talents both locally and worldwide.

Active consultants


Having a robust network isn’t the sole factor for success; however, it plays a vital role when it comes to addressing urgent needs for expertise and skills.

Management roles


Central to our services is the commitment to cultivating contemporary leaders who drive meaningful change.

Returning customers


Our clients appreciate our work, recognizing that partnering with us is an investment, not an expense. Their repeat business is a testament to our mutual success, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Avarage consultancy project

8 Mon

The assignments our consultants undertake differ greatly in both duration and scale, offering a significant advantage in flexibility.

Our focus

We build organizations and high-performing teams for start-ups, large enterprises, global brands and agencies. Together with our colleagues, talents, and clients, we have built a network of brilliant minds and a process that gives you access to what you need.

We value straightforward, productive partnerships, focusing on elite talent through a genuine, streamlined process.

Areas of expertise














Daily Sports

Elevating Women’s Golf Fashion

In the aftermath of Summer 2023, a pivotal connection was formed with Daily Sports, a global powerhouse in women’s golf apparel. This partnership was sparked by a shared vision and a mutual commitment to excellence.

Read the story

The power of

the right hire!

The evidence is compelling, pointing decisively towards the value of making informed, strategic hiring decisions.

Selecting the ideal candidate for a role can boost productivity by up to 50% compared to less optimal choices. Over an average employment span of a few years, this strategic selection can significantly magnify success and amplify positive outcomes.

Conversely, a misstep in recruitment isn’t just a missed opportunity – it’s a tangible expense, potentially exceeding SEK 500,000, varying with the role’s scope and responsibilities.

Investing in a successful recruitment process represents a mere +5% of the candidate’s total salary cost over their tenure, a nominal fee when weighed against the potential gains.


Our close network comprises nearly 40,000 quality-assured talents within our areas of expertise, encompassing those we know well and keep a keen eye on – identified high-caliber professionals.


Our followers, whom we fondly refer to as fans, are a diverse group of over 700,000 talents across various channels. They are curious, engaged, and always open to new exiting opportunities.


Potential (passive) talents, currently undiscovered, who can be identified, assessed, and incorporated into our network and specific assignments when needed.

Trib is a talent agency.
Chimichurri is a sauce.

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