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In our daily lives, we refer to our environment as the universe – a boundless realm brimming with knowledge, ambition, dreams, and extraordinary experiences. It’s a tapestry woven from close relationships, spectators, and undiscovered talents. This is our arena, shaping all our actions and the solutions we offer clients, be they permanent or temporary. We understand that the ideal candidate exists out there, though their exact location may sometimes be unknown.


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Recruitment is all about probability, luck and timing. And we are lucky almost every day, when we repeatedly connect with and meet the best talents in our chosen areas of expertise.


Within the framework of Boost, we represent these profiles as agents and give our contracted clients unique access to them, when they happen to be available. But only then.

Having established an unparalleled network, we can now offer simplicity. Our Standard framework is designed to meet the most common competence requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. With this package, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions, both swiftly and affordably.


We identify suitable candidates in both our talent collective and from the large group of our connected fans. A collaboration based on a joint thorough start, governed by a dedicated Talent Agent. A broad branding activity is also included.

In situations where the network falls short, where skills are exceptionally specific, where employer branding lacks strength, where internal resources are inadequate, or when expertise is critical, we go beyond our robust network.


We reach out to relevant candidates we haven’t encountered before, crafting and executing a more comprehensive communication strategy to meet these unique challenges.


Our close network comprises nearly 40,000 quality-assured talents within our areas of expertise, encompassing those we know well and keep a keen eye on – identified high-caliber professionals.


Our followers, whom we fondly refer to as fans, are a diverse group of over 700,000 talents across various channels. They are curious, engaged, and always open to new exiting opportunities.


Potential (passive) talents, currently undiscovered, who can be identified, assessed, and incorporated into our network and specific assignments when needed.

Trib is a talent agency.
Chimichurri is a sauce.

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By joining Trib you will be a part of our closest network. In every new opportunity, you will be in our minds. Please give us some info below and you’re all set. And of course, you’re still welcome to contact us when you find something you like.