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Permanent recruitment is a long-term investment. With industry insights and a curated network of top talent, we achieve successful matches that make lasting impact.

Converting the best talent out there

With inside knowledge and experience, we focus on solving the needs of fast-moving industries through our ever-evolving network of talent.

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The process in short



All successful collaborations are about getting to know each other. To highlight ambitions, challenges, successes, trends, and possible approaches. But also to define the assignment’s purpose, goals, and plan.

With a deep dive into the specific need, role description, and the surrounding organization, we build a good foundation for collaboration.



A Talent Agent is assigned to the project, supported by a team, responsible for activation and management of the delivery.

Together they mobilize all available resources and channels, with the aim of planning and structuring the continued joint work of identifying and attracting the best suitable candidates.



With an agile methodology and iterative process, we work in sprints in close collaboration with the recruiting manager. A close dialogue during the assignment is of the utmost importance. 

Possible candidates are identified in both our close and external networks, and headhunting is also carried out to find completely new profiles.

Our core evaluation of candidates is done through competence-based in-depth interviews and candidates are presented and evaluated on an ongoing basis. At the same time, the requirement profile is evaluated and calibrated when necessary.



We are strategic partners in the further assessment of the final candidates in compliance with internal HR routines. Whether it is a test, business case, portfolio or workshop.

A considerable part of successful recruitment is keeping information and expectations in a good synch between the candidate and client. We act as the bridge in-between, maintaining speed and efficiency until a candidate is signed. 

When an assignment is finished, we don’t disappear. On the contrary, we check in with both the hiring manager and the new colleague in the following months, after the candidate has started.


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Get access to a great network of leaders, creators and specialists within marketing, growth, product, design & tech – for permanent recruitment, interim or freelance needs.

  • Flexible recruitments customized to your needs.
  • Access our top talent network.
  • A single role or an entire team. Permanent and freelance.
  • Fun along the way!

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