Our process


Every new collaboration starts with getting to know each other. To discuss ambitions, challenges, successes, trends and possible approaches.

We also touch on expectations, demands and dreams, what is important and not. A meeting we recurrent have with all clients, for a reconciliation of the present and the future.


The next important step is to define the assignment’s purpose, goals and plan. With a deep dive into the specific need, role description and the surrounding organisation.


In a workshop, together with the recruiting client, the team explore business strategies, growth tactics, product development and culture to identify and map out core competence and cultural requirements.


In this step, we activate ourselves and all available resources and channels. Towards our external network (followers) we make an integrated marketing and branding effort, together with targeted emails to profiles in our database.

Internally, we pitch the new assignment to all our colleagues, with the aim of planning and structuring the continued joint work of finding suitable candidates.


In this phase the team selected for the assignment support the process by starting reaching out to relevant candidates in our close network. People we already know, some of whom actively seek new adventures.

We also headhunt specific, to us yet unknown talents, who feel particularly interesting and relevant. With the aim of trying to get a first dialogue going.

Our industrial background and previous experiences create extra success in this phase. The first step of our candidate evaluation takes place.


A key component of our success is our background and experience, with inside knowledge from the industry, everyone being former business developers, marketing communicators, digital specialists, and design experts. Our talent agents assess the rhetorics and knowledge about the different crafts to both attract and persuade candidates.

Above giving us the natural ability to convert hard-to-reach candidates into a process. And then, to get them even more interested once trust and curiosity have been established. As neutral representatives for the hiring manager.


Our core evaluation of candidates is done through competence-based in-depth interviews. Our process includes all steps needed for you as a client and for the candidate to be able to make a decision.

Candidates are presented and evaluated on an ongoing basis by both us and the client, combined with feedback sessions with the aim to calibrate the process further, based on new knowledge from the first interviews.

We are strategic partners in further assessment of the candidates in compliance with internal HR routines. Whether it is a business case, portfolio or workshop, we support in setting up the best way of evaluating a specific competence.

In parallel with the ongoing internal evaluation, we continuously search for and, if necessary, present new candidates into the process.


A large part of a successful recruitment is keeping information and expectations in a good place between the candidate and client. We will act as the bridge in-between, maintaining speed and efficiency until a candidate is signed.


When an assignment is finished, we don’t disappear. On the contrary, we check in with both the hiring manager and the new colleague in the following months, after the candidate has started.

Evaluations and follow-ups are always done to ensure that we achieve and deliver long-term satisfaction.

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