Trust the Process

While recruiting isn’t as complex as rocket science, it’s certainly challenging. Understanding the what, when, why, and who of each step simplifies the process. Our method, the cornerstone of our business, demands that every stage be managed with both care and seriousness.


Thorough preparation is key. When executed well, it ensures both the journey and the outcome are successful.

The journey


Each new collaboration begins with a mutual understanding phase. We discuss ambitions, challenges, successes, trends, and potential strategies.

This also involves exploring expectations, requirements, and aspirations, as well as distinguishing what is essential from what is not. This recurring meeting with all clients serves as a platform for aligning current realities with future goals.


The next vital step is to clearly define the assignment’s purpose, goals, and approach, delving deeply into the role’s specific requirements and the organizational framework.

Through a collaborative workshop with the client, we explore business strategies, growth tactics, and company culture, focusing on pinpointing the key competencies and cultural fit necessary for the role.


In this phase, we mobilize all our resources and channels to their fullest potential. Externally, we launch an integrated marketing and branding campaign aimed at our network of followers, complemented by targeted emails to profiles in our database.

Internally, we present the new assignment to our colleagues, focusing on planning and organizing our collective efforts to identify suitable candidates. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and effective search.


In this stage, our chosen team begins engaging with suitable candidates from our known network, including those seeking new opportunities.

We also actively seek out and initiate conversations with promising talents outside our network. Our industrial background and experience play a crucial role here, marking the start of our candidate evaluation process for optimal outcomes.


Our success hinges on our rich background and experience. Our talent agents leverage their deep understanding of various crafts’ rhetoric and knowledge to not only attract but also convincingly engage candidates.

This expertise naturally positions us to connect with hard-to-reach candidates, drawing them into the process. Once trust and curiosity are established, our role as neutral representatives for the hiring manager allows us to further pique their interest and commitment.


Our evaluation relies on in-depth, competence-based interviews, ensuring clients and candidates make informed decisions. We continuously assess candidates, using feedback to refine the process.

In alignment with HR practices, we conduct further evaluations through business cases or workshops. Simultaneously, we keep sourcing and adding new candidates, keeping the selection process dynamic and robust.


A crucial element of successful recruitment is the effective management of information and expectations between the candidate and client. As the intermediary, we ensure clear communication, maintaining the recruitment process’s speed and efficiency all the way through to the candidate’s successful signing.

This bridging role streamlines the exchange and proactively addresses potential issues, enhancing the likelihood of a successful match.


Upon the completion of an assignment, our involvement doesn’t simply end. Instead, we maintain contact with both the hiring manager and the newly placed colleague in the subsequent months after the candidate has begun their role.

We conduct evaluations and follow-ups as a standard practice to guarantee long-term satisfaction. This continuous engagement ensures that our service delivers lasting value and aligns with the evolving needs of both the employer and the employee.

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