Our foundation lies in a self-developed and proven methodology, which blends the ‘double diamond’ and ‘double-loop learning’ models. This approach emphasizes the importance of a continuously calibrating process, where the best outcomes are realized through iteration, evaluation, and refinement.

Learning by doing

We firmly believe our method significantly improves our capacity to align the right talent with the ideal organizations. It encourages us to look further and deeper than our initial observation.

This approach transforms recruitment with us into an investment, rather than a cost.


New collaborations start by aligning with the client’s goals, then proceed with a workshop to define objectives and identify key competencies for a good fit within the company’s culture. Throughout, we revisit to evaluate and refine the need, ensuring our approach evolves to meet changing goals and requirements.


We launch our candidate search with a strategic mix of marketing and targeted outreach, tapping into our network and beyond. Utilizing our industry expertise, we engage potential candidates, focusing on those hard to reach, and build trust to spark interest and commitment, streamlining the evaluation and engagement process for optimal outcomes.


Using competence-based interviews and assessments, we refine our selection, revisiting initial goals for better outcomes. As intermediaries, we ensure clear communication between candidates and clients, streamlining the recruitment to successful signings, fostering continuous improvement.

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