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We are a talent agency based in Stockholm with the whole world as our market. Since our start in 2010, we have chosen all assignments with care and grown a robust network of top-notch specialists and experts.

It’s not just about a strong profile

Our main focus and reason for being is to help individuals and teams evolve in their personal development and careers. We meet talent all day every day, digging deep into each “person behind the resumé”. We aim to understand who they are and what motivates them: their hopes and dreams, what they value and care about, and what kind of environment and culture allows them to grow and flourish. Understanding this full picture enables us to match each person with the right companies, people, roles, and projects.


We focus on solving the needs of fast-moving industries by leveraging our inside knowledge and solid network. Whether it is temporary or long-term, an entire recruitment or only parts of the process, a whole team or an individual, a second opinion or coaching, we have a solution for your organization.

Our clients range from global corporations to smaller companies, advertising agencies to tech startups, and also creative digital shops. What they all have in common is a need for extra-ordinary individuals who resonate with their organization’s desired change and growth.
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Talent Agents

All of us at TRIB have spent years in the industries we collaborate with, so we know and understand the perspectives of both our candidates and clients. We love communication, digital transformation, change management, business development, and brand building and will put our passion and knowledge to use for all parties.

Matching talent with opportunities, individuals with organizations, and visions with skill sets requires experience, fine-tuning, and accuracy. We provide it all.

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Some of our clients:

  • Lynxeye
  • Identity Works
  • Telia
  • Peak Performance
  • H&M

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