From Beijing to Stockholm

by Trib

From leading a design team in Beijing for a product with a billion users to make his dream move to Stockholm come true. Hanyong Xiao is a living example of what Trib is all about – talking about goals, connecting people and helping companies find that special talent!

I also acquired very talented designers to my team via TRIB during these two years. It’s been a great time both from a candidate and a client perspective!

Hanyong Xiao


Back in 2018, TRIB connected with Hanyong. We sat down virtually and spoke about dreams and Hanyong told us that he aimed to move to Stockholm and continue his career as a product oriented design leader. It just so happened that we were working on a Head of Product Design role for the fintech scale-up Rebtel (soon to be MAJORITY) that seemed to match what Hanyong was looking for.

Today, as we’re closing in on Hanyong’s 2-year anniversary in Sweden, we checked in with him to see what he’s been up to.

Five questions

What is your role at Rebtel/Majority today?
My role is the Head of Product Design and I’m responsible for building the design team and the overall design strategies for Rebtel / MAJORITY – digital banking and calling service for migrants.

How has the first couple of years in Sweden been?
It’s been very enjoyable. I would say Sweden matches my personality very well. I’ve felt a sense of belonging since I’ve been here. I like the vibe of the city and all surrounding nature. And last but not least, the best summers I’ve ever had!

What would be your advice for someone looking to move to and start working in Stockholm?
I believe every city has its own personality. I would recommend buying a ticket and spend some time here, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Another advice is to try and join a local Swedish company with international teams as the company for sure is good at taking care of people who just started a new life in a new country.

How has TRIB supported you throughout the recruitment process and after?
From discovery, interviews, decision making to relocation, Marcus and TRIB was all along there with me giving insight and support. I must highlight that throughout the recruitment, TRIB understands me well both from profession, career and individual needs, as well as understands the clients which was important for me to be able to find a good match with the company I joined.
I would say that TRIB did more than the recruitment, also being a great career partner!

From your experience, what are the main differences and similarities working as a leading designer in Sweden compared to China?
One of the main differences is, in China, it felt more like the front line as new things come up everyday and grow dramatically. Design for a massive group of users is exciting and challenging. In Sweden, the calmness gives me the space to activate the creativity more from the inside. I like both aspects as they give me different perspectives. The similarities would probably be the fact that both places have good designers. No matter in Sweden or in China, I’ve worked with great designers who keep pushing the boundaries of design because of their passion and drive.

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