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Many times we have seen how a small force can make ripples on the biggest waters. It happens all the time in everything from politics to humour. At TRIB, we work in the same way, with small teams to infuse creativity and make communication more effective.

Meet Johan and Carl

Two creatives that are used to be this kind of small force when working with big companies. By working in a lean and agile way focusing on being dynamic and responsive, they also possess enough of an outside perspective to dare being a bit disruptive when it comes to enliven different brands. Sometimes a small detail could make a big difference. At TRIB we belive that, when you invite people from the outside, into your company it is a smart and effective way of opening up the core of the business to gather new insights and build on existing values. And there we go, ripples on the water metaphor again.

Selected works

Ok, so what’s the catch?

Well, we could say there is none, if you do it right. There could be a problem if you hire a team to only be given a brief and a deadline. Instead, invite the team in and treat them as part of the company. That way, you collaborate and iterate towards the right solution faster
– instead of making them get back to you with a hit-or-miss answer. That’s about it.

Look, we made a drawing to explain

Carl and Johan have both worked at international agencies

With branding, communication, and strategy. They have knowledge and experience in bringing life and creativity to brands within a wide range of sectors like; fintech, fashion & beauty, FMCG, travel and lifestyle & entertainment.

Please visit the portfolios of Johan and Carl to see what they have been up to lately! And feel free to reach out to us at TRIB to see how we can build a lean team that can work with you and help you find your solution.

Three questions to the team

What are the benefits of working as an integrated creative team?

The benefits are really to be able to work closely with the client. To avoid big reveal presentations and instead develop insights, concepts, and ideas in collaboration with the people that know the product best i.e. the client. That enables us, together, to get to the right solution faster.

What are the benefits for a company to hire a team like you?

We believe that the benefits are many. From having a solely dedicated team working on the client-side but with a consumer, and external, perspective and mindset, to the benefit of getting the extra creative muscle to temporarily strengthen the in-house team when going through business transformations and communication challenges. Being able to work in this agile and lean way with in-house creatives, not only shares knowledge but also removes time-consuming stage-gate workflows. Summed up, clients get a dedicated and experienced creative team, that puts them before anyone else.

What can you do and how do you do it?

To brag, without being humble (?), we see ourselves as a full-service creative agency – covering strategy, branding, design, communication, production, and content creation.
During our careers, we’ve worked with numerous methods and processes, from which we have taken the best parts and developed a toolbox that creates an efficient way of working. Methodologies and processes, that quickly find the right problem(s) and how to solve them in the most relevant and remarkable way, in creative collaboration with the client.

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