A power team

by Trib

In today’s intense business environment there is a need for companies to have a flexible organization in order to quickly respond to and improve digital channels. Those skills are not always in-house and using a large agency might not be the right solution.


With this project we created a small power team of two specialized digital e-commerce consultants to work closely with the in-house team at Tretorn to enhance their digital performance.

Nils and Sofia, two specialists within Paid Social Media and Google Ads, created a new digital strategy for Paid channels with the ambition to efficiently increase sales volumes and ROI for digital campaigns and brand activations at Tretorn.

Three quick questions


What would you say is the biggest advantage of working like this?
As a consultant you quickly feel like you are part of the in-house team because you are invited to all relevant company channels and meetings and become very involved and dedicated with the brand from the start. This usually makes the cooperation more smooth than with the typical corporate consultancy set-up. From the clients end, you get more transparency, flexibility and quicker actions, which are important outcomes when bringing in external consultants. Another major advantage is also that the client can choose which consultant they prefer working with, which is not often the case when working with agencies.

What has been most appreciated with your effort at Tretorn?
That we came in with a fresh pair of eyes and had many new ideas on how to improve the digital strategy and scale up performance. We also identified many low hanging fruits and pushed for some projects to be prioritized and those were quickly implemented with positive results.

What aspect is beneficial for you to be part of a network and agency like TRIB?
It is extremely valuable to get access to the network that TRIB has built of interesting companies and it is also a security for us not having to think about admin and invoicing details. Then there’s also the upside of being part of a large community of fellow digital freelancers in Sweden.

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