Alexander Lukas Hederby

Talent Agent

Alexander Lukas, the Swedish name of Donald Ducks lucky cousin, a name given to bring luck to his life.

A former Digital/Interactive Art Director/Creative that have worked around the world, from Sydney to London and latest in Stockholm. At Hyper Island, Alexander became interested in people and group dynamics and therefore found his way to TRIB so that he could work with people and helping others realizing their dreams.

After senior high-school, Alexander went to study Art direction and Graphic Design at Forsbergs school and after that moved on to the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island. That led him to work at a couple of ad agencies and battled glitter on the dancefloors of Sydney, Australia.

In his spear time he has "a few" hobbies, such as horseriding and showjumping, simulator racing, baking, drawing, building things, beer with friends and a bad vice to always trying to find new hobbies to do, or at least buy all the equipment for.

So now you know what to talk about to break the ice with Alex, even though a simple "Hello" will do just as well!

Camilla Wänström

CFO & Founder

Known as ”big mama” at the office. A people person who always trusts her gut feeling.

Born and raised in Stockholm with one toe in Österlen. After graduating from the University of Stockholm she started her career in marketing, before she slipped into the talent business and fell in love in the profession as well as with her husband.

With her new found love she started the talent agency TRIB, with a clear focus, to help people grow. Today as Finance Director, she is the glue, holding the family and business together. An operationally driven realist, with a trained eye for details and how they affect the bigger picture.

Today a mother of two fantastic boys, who have shaped her to a lego ninja and an expert on drawing Pokémon figures. Her obsession with interior design and gardening comes from a strong belief that our surroundings affect our inner health. This is manifested through constantly recurring projects, both in and outside the house. Walls repainted, furniture redesigned or moved around. Camilla loves to spend her time in the garden, finding pure and true happiness, with her hands deep down in the dirt.

Prefers to spend her summers with family and friends in Skåne, Gotland or the beautiful Archipelago. Actually she prefers lazy days in the sun over winter activities, but is determined to change that by overcoming her fear of skiing downhill. One day.

Practices yoga and drinking green smoothies when she is in a healthy phase, eat lots of chocolate and drink red wine when not. But with a strong belief that both do wonders.

Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

[Currently on maternity leave]

Caroline is a travel junkie, breakfast-loving peoples person. She ended up at TRIB after spending many years trying to do her part turning the world around at UNICEF and Friends.

Passionate about exploring the world, she spends all annual leaves either in her family´s little summer house or gazing at new places. She has been traveling all around the world, both for studies, work and pleasure and strongly believes that this without a doubt is the best life education you can possible get. You just mention a destination or planned trip and Caroline will jump right in to that conversation eager to either learn or share her best off the beaten tracks-tips.

With a background as a Project Manager in civil society organisations and a great interest in international development and sustainability you often find her trying to correct the world in one way or another.

Caroline has played football since being a kid, and (unfortunately and not really fair) has by far achieved getting most red cards in the team. Oups. Loves the word ”lagom” and quite often escapes reality through crappy netflix series, preferably with good looking people without issues. She is an incredible star when it comes to street parking and finds most joy hanging around friends and family. And of course at the TRIB office :).

Karin Brandt

Talent Agent

A happy glamper who loves nature and romanticises the living on the countryside.

A yogi. A foodie. A project manager at heart, always planning the next event which might just as well be preparing a 90’s breakfast for her boyfriend as throwing a big party or mapping the perfect route for an upcoming trip.

Started her career in the non-profit sector but soon ended up in the digital corner where she has spent the last six years producing content and digital campaigns for various clients. Loves communication and campaigns that engage the target group rather than try to sell, sell, sell!

Her greatest inspiration is people living their life in an open-minded way, growing super sage thanks to that. Therefore she loves watching documentaries, reading autobiographies and spending time with wise individuals. Fortunately, she is surrounded by them.

Spending time with people is, by the way, one of her favourite things to do. And the possibility to combine that with her interest in enterprise and both her and other people’s personal development was the reason she joined TRIB.

Mathias Wellström

Managing Director

Has a strong conviction in human goodness. And that everyone has an inherent potential to do wonders. In their own way.

A runner. At least he´s trying to become one, soon doing his third marathon. Also a traveller, preferably to sandy beaches and palm trees.

One of the founders of TRIB, after several years in the communications industry, as advertising manager, client director and business developer. Some efforts more successful than others. All, however, very educative.

Grew up in the country side, with an early dream of becoming an architect. Instead became a marketing strategist, via Berghs and the University of Stockholm.

Father of two energetic boys and happily married. Dog owner, iPhone addict, musical lover. In the headphones - U2 and Coldplay. Inspired by his wonderful mother, innovative technology and outside-the-box thinkers. Still waiting to start watching Game of Thrones.

His deepest passion is to help others to evolve. Both his clever team and great talent in his network.

Mathias believes that chaos is the normal state, and that success can only be achieved when coming to that realization. Learning to deal with constant uncertainty, in an always changing world.

At TRIB his focus is on executive roles and being an advisor to senior talents, different management teams and organizations. Mathias is also a regular lecturer at schools such as Berghs and Hyper Island.

Be kind / Think different / Fight for equality

Mia Rehn

Client Director & Talent Agent

Mia is the middle child of a lovely group of three, aunt to four beautiful children with weird names and owner of Pablo, the mini dachshund. Named after a song by Bille the Vision and the Dancers, not the Colombian drug lord.

She grew up in the countryside outside Sweden's oldest city Sigtuna. With an area code same as Stockholm (08) you could pretty much say that she was brought up in the big city. This was her home for nineteen years.

After high school, she did a year in Lund before moving to Sydney, Australia. She came home three years later with a Bachelor degree in business and a really really nice tan. Went on to do a diploma at Berghs in marketing communication and got a job as a planner at a communication agency for two years. It was about then she met and fell in love with TRIB. They became partners and are celebrating four years this fall.

At TRIB Mia works as a Client Director dividing her time between business, client management and recruitment. She has a genuine interest in and strong knowledge of marketing, design and business transformation and loves helping clients and people to evolve and change.

Food is a huge part of her life, and she has always spent a lot of time in the kitchen. As a child, together with her father baking and cooking for her family. In her early twenties, at Malmö Nation running a kitchen serving +300 not so very sober students a three-course meal every other Thursday. These days, at home together with her boyfriend Chris making dinner for a lesser and a bit more civil crowd of friends.

Her home is in Vasastan and the apartment her ever changing sanctuary. Renovating, building and fixing things is her creative outlet. She also likes to travel. Rome, Copenhagen and NYC being three of her top cities in the world.

Moa Berhardsson

Talent Director & Talent Agent

A warm hearted and energetic epicurean who believes that a strong will can move mountains and life cannot be lived without coffee.

Moa has lived and moved all around the long country of Sweden. Finally she ended up in Gotland for some years before she headed back to Stockholm. But she still stands with on toe on the island, on both the east and north side. This is where she charges her batteries in both springtime, fall and summer.

Moa was the first member of the TRIB Family. Nowadays she’s also a partner in crime. She has a passion for human minds and their complexity, loves to lay the puzzle of how to create the best of organizations, teams and people, and to see them thrive.

Moa is a proud mother of two lovely sons. She is a wine lover, a beach bum who will not get out of the sun, and a real foodie.

She once thought that she was going to start up a hotel in Bali, then a bicycle shop in Amsterdam, but instead ended up running a restaurant with friends on Gotland. And after several of years in that sector she decided to study marketing at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. Shortly after she took the leap and the chance to join TRIB, where she helps and challenges people to find new paths in life and businesses to evolve together with the right talents.

Philip Åstmar

Creative Director & Talent Agent

A wacky creator and born innovator with built in mood indicator. A gadget geek with a passion for fun ideas, warm hearts and overall life hacking.

At the age of 5 Philip sent drawings to different companies with new product proposals and ideas for how they could improve their products. Since then he's been interested in problem solving. He also constantly comes up with new ways of improving the flows around him. Maybe that’s why he's persistent to have as many extra "helping” applications as possible in his computer and gladly change ways of doing stuff. This has proven to sometimes be more confusing than practical though.

Needless to say, Philip loves to come up with ideas. For the most part, it doesn’t even matter if they are good or bad. He just like the way his brain spins when he's thinking about stuff that doesn’t exist yet. If it’s important that the idea actually is a good one, he strongly believes in thinking together with others, because "none of us is smarter than all of us". Right?

Born in the southern parts of Sweden, he moved up north for some years then went back half way and has been living in Stockholm since 2008. He studied Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island and then went on working as a creative at KING advertising agency. Along with great colleagues, he mostly worked with two red-headed ladies called Judit & Judit and is partly responsible for putting them into lots of different situations and adventures.

Philip has also studied film history and Icelandic. One of those subjects he really enjoyed. The other one was learning Icelandic.
He also has quite recently gained interest in wine. He has nothing against practising his vague knowledge every now and then over some food that he preferably cookes together with his friends in the "Gourmet Gang Sthlm".
In the summer, though, you will probably find Philip at the Disc Golf Course, fighting between hope and despair.

Sofia Carlsson

Talent Agent & Operations Manager

A people- and croissant loving human. With approximately 1 million thoughts racing around in the brain, there is a lot of energy going on.

Sofia grew up in the deepest forests of Småland. From here, she took the train to Hyper Island. Thought she was going to be a rock star designer, which she maybe could have been (if she followed that track), but instead changed her focus into Project Management. And that is what she has been up to since then. Handling a lot of different digital projects, most recently the fantastic app Swish.

Nowadays she is riding her bike to the lovely TRIB office, where she helps both talents and companies grow. And when getting home she goes for a fika, yoga, takes a refreshing run listening to slooow music or inhales her favorite, warm pine trees.

Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

Sees herself as a sporty spice but only occasionally spends an hour at the gym or preferably on the tennis court.

Born and raised in a small town in Västmanland her parents always described her as eager and restless. Gave up the childhood dream of becoming a brain surgeon when she realised she had to study to become one.

As soon as she turned 18 she moved to London to stretch those restless wings, and stayed for a couple of years. But after Stockholm, Medieinstitutet, Berghs and TRIB she has now realised that this is the place where she belongs. She now lives in Vasastan with her designer husband, wild son and sometimes the grumpy family-dog Urban.

Sofia spends most of the summers in Skåne or Västkusten and dreams about buying that perfect little summerhouse of her own to fill with pretty things and lots of love.

She always strives to find the best way to do everything - from filling the dishwasher or organising the closet, to rolling out a campaign or launch a new website. Loves to dig deep into a process and improve and refine every step.

Sofia is working on letting go of control a little, and not analyzing everything. Her parents still describe her as eager and restless.