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Our expansive network of top-tier talent and teams empowers you to accelerate growth without delay. Scale up your delivery and competencies for both short-term gains and long-term success.

Trib – Purpose
To act as a bridge between individuals’ dreams and organizations’ ambitions. An unbiased partner with a focus on long-term growth, success and modern skills.

A team consisting of specialists from the industry – strategists, project managers, creatives and digital experts. A group that share their knowledge and networks between themselves, to create exponential synergy. >>>>>

Deliveries with a focus on both temporary and longer-term competence needs, strategic advice and various supporting functions, such as quality assurance. >>>>>

A modern agile method and responsive process, working in calibrating sprints in close collaboration with involved stakeholders and project-specific internal delivery groups. >>>>>

Experience from building organizations and high-performing teams for large enterprises, global brands, agencies, and scale-ups since 2010. From fresh knowledge to senior management level. >>>>> 

Trib Freelance Agency

Curated with only a small number of our freelance community.
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Access top-tier consultants
Flexible engagement
Quick team or individual assembly and placement
Support for seamless integration

Top-tier consultants


Your embedded, flexibel and cost-efficient agency solution.

Create or grow your in-house agency
Scalable and flexibel
Fully embedded into your organisation

Agency on demand



> Executive / 1 800 -> 3 500
> Management / 1 200 -> 2 000


> Senior / 1 000 -> 1 200
> Intermediate / 800 -> 1 000
> Junior / 600 -> 800
> Graduate / 400 -> 600

The fee intervals (per hour) estimated above may vary slightly depending on the degree of complexity, specific requirements, volume, workplace or other factors, such as the actual scope of the assignment.


It is also possible, when appropriate, to determine a fixed fee per month or total period, alternatively for the specific project.


Selected consultant invoices via Trib. We then add 20 % on top of the consultant’s hourly rate. Invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Standard is an activation cost of SEK 10,000 for an ordered assignment. 

Trib is a talent agency.
Chimichurri is a sauce.

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