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Finally, we get to work with Bemz! The lifestyle interiors brand with a truly sustainable approach to both consuming and manufacturing their products. Founded no less than 19 years ago, they have conquered 45 markets all over the world, helping their customers’ furniture live longer. We are now helping them find a Social Media Manager to join the Brand Marketing Team.

In this role, we are on the hunt for someone who can hold a firm hand on social media strategies and at the same time create and distribute content on Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You will be one of the persons working closest to the customers so you need to have experience from analysis, working with different segments and holding the right tone of voice. Most important is that you are super comfortable working with videos, sound, writing and editing. 

Being a Social Media Manager at Bemz, the role will be to take every campaign and concept and adapt it to the social channels by editing and posting. Also, follow up on the activities and find insights and activities to keep developing the brand.

Part of the role is to take lead on their work with influencer marketing. You will work with the strategies – such as who, where, when and what, but also be the point of contact and coordinate and follow up on the activities. So if you have previous experience in influencer marketing, that will come in hand for sure! 

Since working in several markets, your English needs to be 100%.

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