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We are so happy to once again be entrusted with helping Cancerfonden find a new colleague, this time a unit manager with responsibility for developing the organization’s relationships with both existing and future partners. We’re in search of a confident leader who enjoys seeing people develop and wants to fight cancer everyday! Let us know if this is you.

The Unit for Companies and Strategic Partnerships at Cancerfonden is responsible for running and developing the area of partner- and sponsorships within the organization. A large part of their fundraising today consists of issuing rights to Cancerfondens “Rosa Band”, which last year set a record of raising 100 million kronor. Cancerfonden wants to grow this area and is now looking for a manager who can lead, develop, and run the corporate team as well as pushing the development of fundraising within B2B through new growth targets and rights structures.

The mission also includes creating conditions for new strategic partnerships within the commercial sector. All of this with the goal of realizing community initiatives that create movement towards the foundation’s “strategy 2030”: a clear goal of fewer people being affected by, and more people surviving, cancer.

In the role as the Head of Companies and Strategic Partnerships, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing the unit’s operations. Today, the team consists of four employees but, in the long run, they will be six. The other two vacancies will be one of your first assignments to fill. In your role, you are both a strategic but also an operational salesperson and responsible for the organization’s largest partners.

To thrive in this role, we believe you are driven by developing partnerships and fundraising together with our customers, but also by leading and inspiring others to do the same. You have a strong will to achieve results together with people, in partnerships, digitalization, brand, and business. Your leadership style is coaching and you enjoy developing individuals and teams. As a manager, you are present and you like to challenge as well as be challenged. At the same time, you have integrity and are confident in yourself. Your way of working is characterized by open dialogue and transparency.

Furthermore, we believe that you are a person with high social skills and have a strong ability to establish and develop relationships, both with customers and colleagues. You have insight into, and preferably a wide network of, contacts within the commercial sector in Sweden, as well as an ability to familiarize yourself with the companies’ operations and see what can benefit their business. You can also communicate strategies and visions externally in an engaged way and easily build trust.


  • At least 3-5 years as a manager with employee and budget responsibility
  • Documented sales experience
  • Understanding of rights and sponsorship issues, business models and the market
  • Experience from CSR/sustainability issues
  • Experience from concepts and events
  • Strategy and business development
  • A great eye for digital collaborations and business models
  • Brand building experience

Do you recognize yourself in the above description? If you want to be the one responsible for developing Cancerfonden’s journey towards their vision of defeating cancer through existing and new external partnerships (together with your team and the entire Cancerfonden) do not hesitate to get in touch today! 

All the best,

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