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Etraveli Group has been on quite a journey for the past 22 years. From a small start-up, they’ve become a big shot in the travel industry with many amazing services and brands that make travel and finding flights a breeze. But hey, they know there’s always room for improvement, and that’s where you come in!

Right now, they’ve got around 1400 awesome employees spread out across their offices in Toronto, Athens, India, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala. The e-comm team hangs out in central Stockholm, and they’re on the lookout for a kickass E-comm Analyst to join their crew.


Here’s the deal: They want someone who’s got that perfect blend of analytical and creative thinking. A pro who loves diving into data and using it to drive results for their e-commerce team. You’ll be a crucial member of the gang, responsible for A/B testing and finding insights to make the customer journey even better. We’re talking about optimizing conversion rates and taking the user experience to the next level.


In this gig, you’ll be working closely with all sorts of awesome teams in a super collaborative environment. Picture yourself working with product managers, designers, product owners, and developers. They’ve got a major focus on sales, so you’ll be getting insights from all sorts of research, both qualitative and quantitative. And guess what? You’ll actually get to use those insights to come up with killer strategies and make things happen. You’ll be driving feature development and sales initiatives like a true pro.


And that’s not all. You’ll also get the chance to take charge of some seriously cool e-commerce projects. We’re talking about everything from big strategic initiatives to stuff that comes straight from your research and insights. You’ll be in charge of these projects and make sure they’re a smashing success.


So, what do you need to be awesome in this role?
Well, you gotta know your stuff when it comes to A/B testing, website analytics, and all those UX-conversion tactics that drive performance and give you those awesome insights. You’ll also be responsible for driving conversion and e-commerce KPIs in specific markets. Plus, you’ll analyze user data and KPIs throughout the customer journey to find those actionable insights we talked about. It’s a lot, but we believe in you!


Oh, and we can’t forget about the requirements.
You need to be a master at building relationships and collaborating with all sorts of smart people. We’re talking stakeholders, UX designers, product owners, developers, and the rest of the team. You should have a passion for continuous learning and improvement because they’re all about that at Etraveli. And let’s not forget that experience in A/B testing, a keen understanding of user behavior, and proficiency in analytics tools like GA, QlikView, and Looker. If you’ve got excellent English communication skills, both spoken and written, then you’re golden.


So, if you’re ready to join a dynamic team where you can apply your expertise in sales analysis and e-commerce, we would be absolutely stoked to hear from you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

All the best,

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