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Hey Content Producer, are you looking for a place to grow? A place where your everyday life goes together and the company you’re working for invests in work/life-balance? Then Aspia is the place for you! Aspia’s goal is to create the best time in their employees’ careers. How does that sound?

Aspia works to make the difficult, easy. They support companies so that they can run, streamline and develop their business in the best way. They offer a host of services for all stages of an enterprise so that companies can do what they do best – even better. They are the partner who helps companies with everything from starting their business to the annual report and are now looking to expand their marketing team with a curious and ambitious Content Producer.

About the role

In this role, you will be creating engaging content that captures Aspias heart and soul. The tasks will differ from day to day but your focus will be to make the difficult easy, through words, images and other content of your choice. You will work closely with the Content Manager as well as the rest of the marketing team and together you will take Aspia to the next level.

Your daily activities will include:

Produce captivating copy to the relevant target groups

All the best,

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