Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

The vision of Avanza is to create a better future for millions of people. They want to be the service that simplifies and improves your finances. And to do all this, they need to create the most glorious experience that exceeds everyone's expectations.


Ok, so we are looking for a Digital Designer. Or a Product Designer. Or UI Designer. Visual Des... We're looking for a Designer, okay? With a hands on profile, who loves the craft and understands the power of branding.
We are looking for you who want to create innovative services that customers love and that Avanza are proud of.

"If we have the happiest and most engaged co workers, we will have the best product."

Emelie, Head of UX & Design

You'll be a part of one of 30 autonomous, cross functional full stack teams, together with other lovely colleagues. They have titles like Developer, Product Owner, Product specialist, UX-Designer and UX-writer. Your role is to be as involved as you like in the whole design process, and a wizard within the visual parts of all this.

We want you to:

  • Have some years of experience working with digital design in cross-functional teams
  • Have experience from designing apps and/or other digital interfaces.
  • We're sorry, but you need to have good knowledge of Swedish, both spoken and written
  • Experience in animation and illustration is a plus

What you can expect:

  • At Avanza, business value and user benefit are the same thing. The entire company has a clear focus on user experience and innovation, and Avanza's most important goal is customer satisfaction
  • You will work closely with 30 other UX designers, digital designers and UX writers who together drive and develop the experience in our services
  • You will work together with your designer colleagues and develop Avanza's brand
  • Avanza likes to test new things - both design and working methods. They want to be at the forefront of how to work with design and create the most beautiful workplace on the planet.
  • Avanza values learning and want to create a culture where you all can learn from each other and share experiences.

If you are curious about how they work with UX and design at Avanza, you can listen to their podcast Hundred Shades of Green. And hey, go and check their Dribbble out!

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