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The cost depends on many different factors. What determines the cost the most is how complex the role is (the number of possible candidates), how much time (and resources) are required and whether the developed network is enough or not. Also if the need is on operational or executive level. Sometimes headhunting is required to succeed in attracting the best talent.


You can find our standard setup here.

How long is a string? A Swedish expression that is often used when a question has many possible answers.


Time is our friend. The more time, the greater the number of relevant candidates in the process. But, our method is based on working smart. It is common for a first batch of profiles to be presented and evaluated, within three to four weeks.


Most of the time, our close network is enough to solve a skill need. If headhunting is also required, a few extra weeks are usually required.


We can usually resolve a temporary need within 14 days.

The difference is not really that big. Essentially two different deliveries for a temporary need for expertise.


However, our network of freelancers primarily consists of experienced specialists who have decided to be their own consultants. And they usually charge by the hour.


When it comes to staffing, delivery is more about temporary needs that are solved with resources available at the moment. They are employed by us and are hired out for the specific assignment. Usually with a fixed monthly salary. And with the positive possibility of recruiting the talent during or after the assignment is completed.

We work to solve skills needs at all organisational levels. From junior to management. However, most assignments are of a more senior nature.


Then the actual collaboration and delivery can look quite different. Everything from a temporary interim solution of a manager, to the recruitment of a specialist. Needs that can be solved in different ways. But it all starts in the network and existing worked up relationships.



All areas that focus on transformation, business, packaging, communication and product development. That what makes a business develop and become even better.

Of course, all assignments and needs are unique. But, the common denominators to create success are understanding, dialogue, and respect. If we all know what needs to be done and how, as well as who is responsible for what, then we always achieve a positive result.


For the above reason, we always activate a new project with a joint start-up, where everything important is handled and processed as early as possible. This is also when we set the framework and plan for the collaboration.

Our network is huge. The pool of relevant candidates is continuously replenished with more talent. We also have a large crowd of followers in various channels, in addition to a well-developed network of external agents. This is usually where we find the profiles our client need.


But, where and when needed, we supplement the process with targeted headhunting, in order to get a hold of those really elusive candidates.

There is great variety in the ways we charge. In most cases, we take a smaller part of the total sum when activating an assignment. After that, the arrangement can vary.


When brokering a consultant, the primary and most common compensation is baked into the consultant’s fee – a percentage surcharge.


In the case of recruitment, a fixed total fee is always determined before the assignment is activated. And then also how the remaining payment is to be made.


It is always possible to spread out your total payment over up to 12 months.


You can find our standard price list here.

Our core evaluation of candidates is done through competence-based in-depth interviews. Our process includes all steps needed for you as a client and for the candidate to be able to make a decision.


Candidates are presented and evaluated on an ongoing basis by both us and the client, combined with feedback sessions with the aim to improve the process further, based on new knowledge from the first interviews.


We are strategic partners in further assessment of the candidates in compliance with internal HR routines. Whether it is a business case, portfolio or workshop, we support in setting up the best way of evaluating a specific competence.

Within the framework of our chosen areas of expertise, our network mainly consists of three groupings;


1 / those who have spontaneously chosen to join our network,

2 / those who have applied for or participated in a previous assignment,

3 / alternatively those who follow us on various social channels.


Of course, there are some overlaps here, but overall it’s close to 50,000 extraordinary talents. Arguably the largest relevant network in our niche.

The most important guarantee for our client is that we will always do our utmost to really solve the current skill need. And in that task, it is far from just attracting the right candidates, using a smart process. In order to succeed, we also need to be advisory in matters relating to the employment brand, organisational structure, work methodology and culture.


Then, of course, we can also provide guarantees linked to the selected final candidate, but this is usually almost never needed.

In order to really succeed, we always need to be advisory in matters relating to factors such as the employment brand, organisational structure, work methodology and culture.


Above of course also includes helping out designing the role and its responsibilities, in relation to current strategies and the rest of the team. So, the answer is YES!

Today, it is not uncommon for our customers’ needs to be more of a project or a task. To develop a brand platform, to build a new website or produce a commercial. The needs are many.


Here we can then assist by tailoring a team, which together performs parts of or all of the task. Managed by us or the client. And that’s what the Trib Agency is. Mostly staffed by freelancers from our network.

A collaboration with us is exactly that, a collaboration. Our joint efforts lead to joint success. Where our job is to flawlessly and efficiently manage the project itself, after determining which need is to be satisfied.


Our task is also to ensure that the right candidates are identified, quality assured and presented. Then it matters less where an individual candidate comes from. Extensive work and collaboration is behind the result of achieving success.


So, in an assignment, all candidates are handled in the same process.

Yes, based both on volume and efficient cost saving management of the project. There are ready-made models for calculating reductions due to the above.


More long-term agreements can also be formulated, which can lead to (even) better terms.


There is also the option to cooperate based on a fixed monthly sum, calculated on the basis of an estimated annual need. A continuous relationship, dialogue and delivery, 24/7, always open. An increasingly common format.


Still confused?

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