When the best one,
is enough!

Dive into our streamlined hiring process: Just sign a cooperation agreement with us, and you’ll get access to our pool of top talent, carefully selected for their skills and readiness for their next challenge.


We use our deep industry knowledge to ensure we match you with candidates who will make a lasting impact. With us, you’re guaranteed quality hires for long-term success.


Sometimes, opting for the plan “Boost” is all you need to elevate your team.

Recruitment hinges on timing, luck, and opportunity. We consistently engage with top talent in our fields, fortuitously connecting daily. Through Boost, we act as agents for these talents, offering exclusive access to our clients — but only when these candidates are available.

Quick and clean


A short brief is given to us regarding competence needs and requirements. But also information about more long-term ambitions.


We proactively scout and connect with available candidates within our close network, igniting their interest in the open role.


A showcase of relevant profiles is conducted within a week, with a thorough quality check on profiles moving forward in the process.

An unconditional agreement

A zero-cost gateway to abundant opportunities.

  • Get access to our top talent network.
  • Cut costs, not corners, on securing top talent.
  • Flexible plans customized to your needs.
  • Adaptable and smart payment solutions.
  • Priceless industry expertise and know-how.

The power of

the right hire!

The evidence is compelling, pointing decisively towards the value of making informed, strategic hiring decisions.

Selecting the ideal candidate for a role can boost productivity by up to 50% compared to less optimal choices. Over an average employment span of a few years, this strategic selection can significantly magnify success and amplify positive outcomes.

Conversely, a misstep in recruitment isn’t just a missed opportunity – it’s a tangible expense, potentially exceeding SEK 500,000, varying with the role’s scope and responsibilities.

Investing in a successful recruitment process represents a mere +5% of the candidate’s total salary cost over their tenure, a nominal fee when weighed against the potential gains.

Converting the best talent

With inside knowledge and experience, we focus on solving the needs of fast-moving industries through our ever-evolving network of talent.

Our recruitment strategy centers on simplicity, targeting the right new team member or leader efficiently.

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