Trib Interim Power Solution

by Moa Bernhardsson

We are so pleased for our lasting partnership with a global leader in digital, electric, and autonomous shipping technology. This collaboration underscores Trib’s commitment to supporting our partner’s dynamic needs through flexible consulting solutions. Most recently, we have strengthened their Creative team by deploying a skilled interim professional to enhance their innovative capabilities.

Having an interim solution provided us with the flexibility and expertise needed to navigate through complex periods without losing momentum.

SVP Design

To ensure continuity and drive creative development during periods of change, one of the need was to bring in an interim Creative Director, through Trib. This strategic position helped bridge important transition periods such as parental leave.

The interim solution for the Creative Director was not just a temporary fix; it was part of a larger strategy to strengthen the team and introduce new perspectives. This kind of roles is often time-bound, ranging from six months to eighteen months, and included regular check-ins to ensure everything is on track. This interim position was also a potentially transition into a permanent role. 

This solution proved valuable not only for handling existing projects during transition periods but also for providing the team with new insights and renewed energy. The company’s ability to smoothly integrate interim leaders strengthened their adaptability and continued to drive their vision forward in an industry that is constantly evolving. 


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