Extended inhouse team

by Moa Bernhardsson

Mathem, is one of Sweden’s leading digital grocery retailer, revolutionized food shopping with its focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation. The collaboration with Trib was strategically designed to integrate smart and adaptable talent, aligned with the company’s evolving requirements.

Working with Tribs Freelance Agency has been a game-changer for us. Allowing us to scale our team quickly and smoothly, thanks to their deep understanding of our needs and ability to deliver top-quality freelancers.

Linda Brockman, Head of Brand

A dream setup with flexibility


In a world where quick adaptability was crucial for success, Mathem took steps to strengthen its internal capacity. By integrating a team of freelance content specialist consultants, the company aimed to raise the competence level within the organization and increase its flexibility in response to market changes.

With a clear vision to improve internal efficiency and expertise, Mathem replaced traditional agency collaborations with a tailor-made team of freelance consultants. This team, composed of handpicked specialists in various fields, worked hand in hand with Mathem’s own employees to quickly scale up or down depending on the company’s needs. This strategy strengthened Mathem’s in-house agency and introduced a new level of operational agility, which was critical to navigating a constantly changing market.

Being able to quickly adapt to new market demands and internal goals was critical for Mathem. By integrating freelance consultants into its team, the company not only optimized content production but also created a more efficient work structure to handle the challenges and changes that the market presented. This strategy significantly improved Mathem’s operational efficiency and strengthened the company’s ability to dynamically meet both current and future demands. 

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