The Trib Forest

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We are happy to give birth to the TRIB Forest. This through a warm collaboration with Treedom, where we are planting trees for a greener planet!

Treedom is a smart and sustanible company, that directly finances small agroforestry projects that generate environmental and social benefits.

So behold, a story about trees

Story about Treedom.

Treedom plants trees in 17 different countries, working in partnership with NGOs to plant trees on the private land of smallholder farmers. This means, that instead of planting monocultures, they are planting agroforestry systems that bring benefits (like food security) to local communities, as well as to the wider ecosystem. In this way, they have planted over 1.4 million trees, impacting the lives of over 85,000 farmers.

This mean that a tree in our forest will be planted by a farmer on their land. This will be a personal tree and it will be photographed and geolocated and have its own online page, where you can follow the story of the project it will be part of. Treedom is the only site that lets people follow their trees development online.

We love to find and create co-labs with near ones!

Erik Samsson, the Nordic Digital PR Director at Treedom and TRIB goes way back as friends and as part of our talent network. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

Three questions to Erik

How did you find out about Treedom?

Actually, it was a friend that sent me the application on LinkedIn. It was a dream position with a company that wants to make a difference in the world! And that the HQ was in Florence didn’t make it worse so to say!

What makes Treedom unique?

That you could follow the tree online and be a part of how it changes the environment around it, not only for the planet but also for the farmer.

Why is it so important to plant trees?

Tree planting makes an important contribution to the fight against climate change, not only by storing CO2, it creates economic, environmental, and social benefits. It is the best way to help people and nature in the long term. It has the power to bring about social change in disadvantaged regions and is a big step towards saving the climate.

We, at TRIB, are all about change. So to be part of Treedom’s mission to make environmental and social initiatives simple and fun feels like an awesome journey to be part of, together with our network!

Read more about Treedom and their journey here.

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