Trib Powers Lantmännen’s Digital Shift

by Mathias Wellström

Lantmännen, one of Trib’s longstanding and satisfied clients, has in recent years placed a significant emphasis on its digital transformation—a vital initiative that permeates every aspect of its operations. We have supplied Lantmännen with a variety of services and products over time. Most recently, we provided an on-site consultant solution featuring, a skilled Interim Product Owner, Elin Anger.

Elin has been a highly valued Product Owner, consistently demonstrating professionalism in managing relationship and business processes. Her effective approach has yielded great results, making her contributions much appreciated within our organization. She will be truly missed.

Mark Robinson, Brand & Marketing Director

As an interim product owner at Lantmännen, her primary responsibility has been to continuously deliver new features, update existing technology, and to maintain the +130 websites within the organization.

“Lantmännen is a diversified organization, operating across various markets and countries, and offers products ranging from bake-off croissants to tractors and biofuels and my skills in communication and stakeholder management has been critical in this assignment” Elin points out.

Managing these websites presented numerous challenges, as each had distinct purposes and needs. However, Elin’s commitment to extensive communication and transparency has proven essential in resolving issues and harmonizing expectations concerning deliveries.

Elin’s approach to communication and transparency also fostered new processes for engaging with all stakeholder groups, further streamlining operations. Driving change and delivering outputs have been at the core of her role at Lantmännen. She has consistently led projects, planned future steps, and ensured alignment and synchronization across the designated divisions.

Elin has played a pivotal role in initiating and maintaining collaborations with various agencies. This involved onboarding new agencies, enhancing relationships with existing ones, and making tough decisions about which partnerships needed to end, always with the client’s best interests at heart.

Trib is proud to have facilitated this successful consultancy, underscoring our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients like Lantmännen.

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