Building teams through teamwork

by Trib

We met up with Anna, our partner at The Swedish cancer society, who has been our client for over 2 years now. Together with Anna, we have had the honor of strengthening their teams with new colleagues in several different fields. We have asked Anna some questions about our collaboration.

What has the form of collaboration looked like and how has TRIB facilitated your work?

For just over two years, I have been responsible for recruitment at The Swedish cancer society. The organization has, and has had, high goals in terms of becoming a digital leader in its industry and has since 2018 recruited several new roles for the organization.

We looked at a number of different recruitment agencies who could help us recruit digital cutting-edge expertise, primarily to Communication and Marketing. The choice fell on TRIB as they were perceived as knowledgeable, agile and that they had a relevant network. We got the impression that they had a good relationship with the type of people and skills we were looking for, which also turned out to be the case.

We started by using TRIB for a role as Product Owner, and then that collaboration led to more than 10 recruitments in communication and marketing.

– Anna at The Swedish cancer society

What did the collaboration with TRIB look like from the beginning and how did it grow during these 2 years?

We started by using TRIB for a role as Product Owner, and then that collaboration led to more than 10 recruitments in communication and marketing. Communication and marketing at The Swedish cancer society consist of three units; Marketing, Press & PR, and Content, the department also has a team that could be described as a ”digital staff” that reports directly to the department head. TRIB have recruited to all these units except Press & PR. In collaboration with TRIB, we have had a process that means that TRIB presents candidates on an ongoing basis, usually, it is a start-up phase of 3-4 weeks when TRIB searches for candidates and then they start presenting candidates as they go. We have frequent reconciliations and talk a lot along the way.

In the beginning, we collaborated mostly with Carro and Peter but have since had the privilege of working with Sofia H, Sofia W, Karin, Anna, Isa, and Marcus. In the beginning, I could get nervous if we needed to change consultant as I was so happy with just the consultant we had at the moment but it was completely unnecessary. Everyone I have worked with at TRIB is awesome and it is clear that they work in teams with their colleagues to achieve the best results.

My personal opinion is that if you want to increase the chances of making good recruitments together with your recruiter, take the time to work together and have a close collaboration. TRIB is easy, they are flexible, smart, and genuinely pleasant to work with.

What have been the great benefits of working with TRIB over such a long period of time?

That you get to know each other for real and build a trust that goes both ways. Trust is the basis for great things.

Thank you Anna and our friends at the Swedish Cancer Society, it is always so much fun to work with you!

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