Modern and flexible
payment solutions

Our guiding principles are simplicity and clarity, coupled with a strong commitment to fairness. Beyond these core values, we embrace and provide flexible agreements and ingenious payment models.

More is less

Varied options for all needs and everyone

Our typical approach involves an initial charge, usually a percentage of the estimated total fee, applicable for both permanent and temporary placements.

The payment for our services can otherwise be structured in numerous ways, tailored to the assignment’s specifics, current conditions, payment capacity, or your customary practices. We welcome creative payment solutions, as long as they are equitable.

As opportunities for collaboration continue to grow, so do the benefits, including more favorable prices and conditions.


Our most common arrangement, split payment during the assignment, from start to finish.

20% of total fee at activation of project
30% at commenced pitch of candidates (recruitment)
Remaining fee by agreement with final candidate
When consultant, a percentage surcharge during project

All at once

Full payment of the agreed fee upfront at the beginning of the assignment.

Up to 15% reduction on total sum / surcharge
Buy-out-consultant possibility
Guaranteed delivery
If canceled, the remaining fee can apply to a future assignment


Payment of the agreed amount is evenly spread out over an extended period.

Optional period length, up to 12 months
5% higher fee per newly started month
At any time the possibility to end monthly fee, at no extra cost


A monthly payment plan that is based on the number of estimated delivered roles, over a specified time period.

Unlimited access to the Trib collective
A fixed cost per month
Tailored customer-specific arrangements
Clearly beneficial reduced total fees


When simultaneously recruiting multiple roles, whether permanent or temporary, we manage it as a cohesive project.

A single smaller activation fee
Only one startup session
A customized team
Amplified cost-reduction effects


Gain access to one or more Talent Agents who will be available on-site at your office.

Optional volume, depending on project and ambition
Support from the intire team Trib included
Free use of Trib’s tools and methods
Reduced fee for a candidate from the Trib Collective

Additional services

Unique needs, big or small, we cater to all. Our support offerings, backed by expertise, enhance your employment initiatives, providing smart assistance where it’s most needed.


From SEK 30.000


From SEK 45.000

Quality Assurance

From SEK 15.000 (pp)

Strategic Advisory

SEK 2,500 / h

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Chimichurri is a sauce.

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