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It’s great fun to work with Klingit again – a modern creative service completely to our taste! Right now things are going very well for the agency, a momentum they would like to build on by strengthening their sales team with another Account Executive. If you are a person who enjoys finding effective solutions that benefit both you and your customer, this could be the role for you!

Klingit is a Creative-as-a-Service company that helps hundreds of ambitious brands scale their design and content production. They provide smaller companies with virtual access to creative teams including all design experts, strategists and project management. But also work with leading enterprises in order to extend their production capabilities with efficiency and scale.

As an Account Executive at Klingit, you’ll be the first point of contact with new clients. (who often come in as leads directly to Klingit) Using your understanding of communication and design, you quickly create a picture of the client’s needs and help them find the right service among the wide range of products that Klingit offers. A project manager then takes the customer on and leads them through the production phase while you focus on finding the next marketing manager to make everyday life easier for.

To thrive in this role, we believe that you are a person who is driven by seeking out and finding new business opportunities. You enjoy building relationships and understanding your clients’ business challenges. We also believe that you have knowledge of what challenges the customers face when it comes to production of design and communication and have ideas about how it’s made more efficient! Perhaps you have previously worked in a creative agency, or have experience from an in-house marketing department.

To thrive at Klingit you are a person who enjoys building together with others. At Klingit, people work in tight teams towards common high goals. In the company, which has colleagues in several parts of the world, they have succeeded in creating a culture of settler spirit and high ambition. If you want to be part of the new way of providing a creative services, get in touch today!


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