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Innit Audio

You’ve probably heard of Visual Reality, but have you heard of Aural RealityTM? We’re thrilled to help our new friends at Innit Audio find their first Senior Product Manager.

Anusha Nayar

Marketing Director & Talent Agent

Anusha Nayar

Innit Audio have cracked the code to make all sound heard through headphones truly real and we are thrilled to be helping them find their first Head of Product Management. A role fundamental to turning their applications into transformational experiences to be enjoyed by millions of Innit TM users. Innit TM makes all sound real from music to movies to gaming. Gaming is now truly a virtual reality with players having a quantum leap in enjoyment and personal bests when playing competitive games. Innit defines the word disruptive and is something that every human deserves to experience. Innit is coming to market in Q3 2023 and are now need a smart, creative and innovative Head of Product Management who’ll be instrumental in bringing Aural Reality to the millions and millions of people in the world.

Innit is an invention from the leading audio scientist, Bernt Bohmer, and is backed by Swedish venture capital. You’ll join an early day start up and play a key part in leading the Innit Experience to the market.

Your main responsibilities;

  • Product managing the core Innit experience into major markets and subsequently, an identified pipeline of major future enhancements created by Innit’s science and tech team.
  • Taking these applications from alpha prototype stage to successful commercialisation.
  • Maximize business and customer value by packaging and delivering Innit in a manner which is as good as much as the experience itself.
  • Lead UX/UI partners to determine and achieve faultless market entry on all product related matters.
  • Build these capabilities ahead of initial market entry to one which addresses multiply millions of uses.
  • Be a key player in the business leadership team in delivery of business performance and developing/executing its strategy.

This should be the perfect fit for you if you have;

  • Strong knowledge of AI, sound tech, new technologies and trends.
  • Personal interest in PC gaming.
  • 5+ years of Product Management in a high growth tech company and preferably prior experience working at a start up.
  • 2+ of years of leading product department.
  • Proven track record in successfully developing and executing product strategies.
  • Experience from developing product organizations and development processes.
  •  Strong leadership skills with proven ability to build, lead and motivate effective teams in a fast-paced environment.

As a person you’re a self-starter, driven, a true people-person with a high level of enthusiasm and energy. Initially prepared to lead, manage and hands-on doing with less doing as the business grows. The opportunity is to step in and take the lead in not only managing a new, transformational experience into the world. As a founder member of the Innit team, you will have the rare opportunity to be an integral part of a team that will create and exemplify the Innit team’s culture. This is where you get to apply everything you’ve learnt up until now and help build a large and exciting enterprise. While receiving a competitive compensation package for it. There will be some but not extensive travel.

All the best,

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