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Have you ever tried doing a backflip in a phone booth? That would probably be quite hard, right? Well, try starting and scaling a new Social Media platform with the mission to change young people’s behavior — THAT’S hard.

Philip Åstmar

Creative Director & Talent Agent

Philip Åstmar

Meet Hummy! The new Social Media platform that prioritizes the mental health of their users over doomscrolling and idolization.

This is no ordinary workplace; it might be the most purpose-driven company among purpose-driven companies. And the data shows that a change is more than needed. Too many young people struggle with mental health issues, and Social Media plays a significant role in that problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Ask Hummy.

They are currently in search of a Senior Product Designer for a broad role. You’ll be involved in both designing and thinking (a lot). About product development, drive product strategy, and simultaneously get hands-on. Design System: exists.

So, if you’re up for a ride and ready to change the entire game of negative and self-draining social media spirals — let us know, and let’s talk.


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