Same, same
but different

Attentive to feedback and lessons learned, we recognize that diverse needs require varied solutions. Our realization is profound: simplicity, clarity, and intelligence are today’s guiding principles. This epiphany led us to a comprehensive overhaul.


We transformed complexity into simplicity, shifted our focus from inward to outward, making relevance our primary objective.

The path of possibilities

The Network is Everything

Our ever-expanding network has been a fertile ground for opportunities. After fourteen years, we’re more frequently discovering top talents within our own collective garden. And if they’re not among us, they’re likely within our vast community of supporters and enthusiasts. This enables us to complete assignments more swiftly without compromising quality. These realities form the foundation of our brand-new, straightforward offering.

Whether the need is temporary or permanent, operational or executive, our network delivers the perfect solution, all at a reasonable cost with flexible payment options.


Our simplest process. Sign an available, quality-assured top candidate from currently active dialogues with talent in our collective.

Talent Agent Support
Tap into our Talent Collective
Candidate Pitch within a week
Quality Assurance
Payment on success


Our standard process. Aligned with your high ambitions and culture – recruit a quality-assured top candidate from our network.

A dedicated Talent Manager
Launch Meeting and Activation
Sourcing in our Talent Collective
Employer Branding towards or Connected Fans
1st candidate pitch within four weeks
Quality Assurance
Flexible payment solutions


Our more comprehensive service delivers the full spectrum of our organizational experience, building people and teams, creating agile, fast-moving organizations. Capture top talent, not actively looking for new opportunities.

A Tailored Talent Team
Exploration Workshop with in-depth needs analysis
An Integrated Branding Campaign
Targeted Headhunting and Search
1st candidate pitch within five weeks
Ongoing evaluation and calibration of requirements
Quality Assessment
Documentation and report
Flexible payment solutions

More about our plans

Recruitment is all about probability, luck and timing. And we are lucky almost every day, when we repeatedly connect with and meet the best talents in our chosen areas of expertise.


Within the framework of Boost, we represent these profiles as agents and give our contracted clients unique access to them, when they happen to be available. But only then.

Having established an unparalleled network, we can now offer simplicity. Our Connect framework is designed to meet the most common competence requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. With this package, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions, both swiftly and affordably.


We identify suitable candidates in both our talent collective and from the large group of our connected fans. A collaboration based on a joint thorough start, governed by a dedicated Talent Agent. A broad branding activity is also included.

In situations where the network falls short, where skills are exceptionally specific, where employer branding lacks strength, where internal resources are inadequate, or when expertise is critical, we go beyond our robust network.


We reach out to relevant candidates we haven’t encountered before, crafting and executing a more comprehensive communication strategy to meet these unique challenges.

Trib is a talent agency.
Chimichurri is a sauce.

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By joining Trib you will be a part of our closest network. In every new opportunity, you will be in our minds. Please give us some info below and you’re all set. And of course, you’re still welcome to contact us when you find something you like.