Mathias Wellström
Mathias Wellström

Commercial Director

TRIB are excited to once again help Qapital and their Stockholm based Product Team. This time we're looking for a top-notch Product Designer.

Qapital is the new kind of banking experience that empowers people to maximize their happiness by saving, spending, budgeting, and investing with their own goals in mind. With aprox. 2 million users, Qapital blends behavioral economics with technology, providing people with the tools they need to manage their money in an easy and fun way.

They are a team of designers, behavioral scientists and financial technologists on a mission to build a new banking experience from scratch. This is an opportunity to be part of a team that is changing the way people think about everyday banking. And you know what, they care for real.

We are now looking for a quite experienced designer to shine in one of the product teams in Stockholm. Qapital is not only about behavioral science and the bigger scope, they also care deeply about design. Their product is carefully polished and they want to take this to the next level. And in this case, finish is important.


You're not only shaping products that work, you make stuff that SPARK JOY™️ and looks awesome. You are up to date with visual trends and probably you've found yourself "wasting" hours on Dribbble or similar, just to find inspiration.

You will, though, be pushing design across the entire product lifecycle, from ideas through research and prototyping to final design. You have an opinion about the right direction to go, including what the pros and cons of different proposals are, and you can articulate all that in a way that everyone can understand.

Now, this is where we could put a bullet list.
But this time, let's keep it simple.

• We're looking for someone who can show relevant experience, a nice portfolio and who happens to be an enjoyable person, really.

If you feel something like: What are they? Prophets? That's exactly me!
Well, then you're very welcome to click below.

Talk soon!

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