Emelie Aronsson
Emelie Aronsson

Talent Agent

Once again we are teaming up with Avy to add a talented Product Owner to their growing team.

Avy is on a mission to turn the way people live in an apartment building into an experience; a tenant community/communication platform, an e-commerce solution for home services (ex. cleaning, insurance), and much more. Their app-focused platform digitizes all regular landlord-tenant touchpoints and adds a multitude of other valuable features. Their recent merge with Tmpl into Avy-Tmpl has created a market leader for tenant experience solutions and supports their planned international growth.

Avy 2

At this time, we’re looking to find them a Product Owner. This is a fun opportunity for anyone excited about all the things possible within “prop(erty)-tech”.

A central part for the continous growth and success within Avy.

You’ll join a team of POs and the role includes, amongst other things, opportunities to work with:

  • product development and innovation
  • leading and supporting the team
  • creating a smoother tenant experience

A great fit for this role is someone who builds strong relationships, is eager to learn and grow with the business, and formulates decisions based on data and analytical thinking. Relevant previous experience includes: agile way of working, managing system migrations and integrations, SaaS product(s), and a track record of establishing/developing relationships.

In this role there’s great opportunity to develop within the position and beyond. Curious to know what that means? Don’t be a stranger: connect with us!

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