Graphic Designer / Original Artworker

Swedish fashion & sportswear brand

Hey you talented Graphic Designer/Original Artworker! Keen to join a fashion and sportswear brand’s creative squad for a smaller (4-10 hours a week) ongoing gig starting in August? We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you.

Their in-house team already has an awesome Graphic Designer and Content Designer, but they are looking for an extra set of hands for high-production times or projects.

Picture this: you’ll be the go-to person when things get busy. Someone could be out sick or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, or the project could just be bigger than the in-house team can handle and you’ll be the one stepping in to keep the creative engine humming. It’s like being the superhero of print-ready files, production, and all things that make our client’s brand shine.

Desired start for this will be in August and it’s up to you if you wanna work from the office or from wherever else you prefer. Give us a ping if you’re interested knowing more!


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Great that you’re interested in the opportunity as Graphic Designer / Original Artworker at Swedish fashion & sportswear brand.
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