Sofia Wågnert
Sofia Wågnert

Talent Agent

We are excited to announce our new friends at Transfer Galaxy, who are trying to make the world a little bit fairer. One step at a time. This by democratizing international payments - making remittances cheaper, safer and smarter.

It all started out of frustration in the queue of the local Western Union agent. The queue was long, the fees were high and the flexibility was non-existent. A group of friends lamented. Some people lament over problems; others try to find solutions. The friends saw an opportunity, and soon thereafter Transfer Galaxy was born!

They are still a company full of problem solvers, using technology to make life easier and for people to get closer. Transferring money to the other side of the world within seconds. Straight to a mobile wallet. From Stockholm to Mogadishu, London to Accra, Berlin to Beirut.

With a proven organization and product it's now time to scale.

This time we are looking for a Performance Marketing Lead. An exciting role for a driven Performance Marketeer with a few years of experience.

In this role, you will be responsible for leading and enabling effective marketing solutions to drive users and customer growth from various paid channels. Apart from being involved in creating the digital growth strategy, you will work operatively; manage and optimize targeted campaigns to improve and drive profitable growth. This means that you hold a large toolbox containing the right tools for your job whether it’s working through Facebook, Google, or Appstore.
The analysis is of course a big part of your job - conduct comprehensive analysis, evaluate campaigns, and share knowledge and updates with your colleagues for a united path ahead.
Some key bullets:

  • Help to set and execute the digital marketing strategy by continuously improving the online advertising investments
  • Work with the marketing team across the whole funnel, from campaign planning to measuring success
  • Detailed performance analysis to guide investments across the marketing mix
  • Measure the success of social media, organic search, and advertising campaigns, by analyzing web traffic and performance metrics
  • Collaborate with the Product team to optimize the website content to drive traffic and conversion
  • Implement best practices in digital marketing and work with A/B testing
  • Communicate findings and recommendations, such as visualizing metrics through building dashboards
  • Work with web and social media analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager, and similar

This is a role working on the global market, so experience from an international company is valuable and preferred.
Transfer Galaxy is a driven and fast moving company with many international colleagues contributing to a richly diverse and friendly work culture. The marketing team is newly formed and you will have a chance to shape how they work, with your ideas coming into practice on a daily basis.

If this sounds like a job for you or anyone you know, drop me a line below.

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