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A warm welcome to Storyfire, which we are now helping to recruit a business-oriented CFO. Join an awesome company with a strong culture and an exciting future!

Molly Dieden Bengtsson

Finance Director

Molly Dieden Bengtsson

The CFO’s main responsibilities include overseeing the finance function, reporting results and financial performance to management, handling legal issues, and developing and monitoring the company’s operations. 

The ideal candidate should have at least five years of experience in business controlling, financial forecasting, and leading or understanding a finance department.

The CFO must be proactive, forward-thinking, and have a good understanding of the business’s cash flow.

The role involves leading and driving the finance team, being a sparring partner to the CEO, building financial models, and overseeing financial planning, budgeting, and profitability. 

The company finances its productions through self-funding, capital funds, private investors, grants, and payments for being a rights holder. The CFO is expected to lead the way in establishing new funds. Above is an almost unique arrangement that gives them the opportunity to quickly get started with their different productions, without losing control over the rights.

The company aims for growth, and the CFO will be significantly involved in making strategic decisions in this area. 

The CFO will lead the financial planning process, including reporting to owners and handling legal issues related to projects such as royalties, rights, and contracts.

Background and/or experience in media, culture, advertising, and/or production is advantageous, but not a requirement. However, there should be interest and an understanding of the industry.

If the above sounds like a possible new fun step in your career, please get in touch!

All the best,

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