Caroline Haslum
Caroline Haslum

Talent Agent

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the workout industry is changing, both adapting to our new ways of living life, and to how we consume digital products and services. As opportunities arise Actic is taking the chances and moves in new unexplored directions. Actic was founded in Sweden in 1981 and is today one of the leading players in the gym market in the Nordics.

Actic - performance - CRM

Actic is now looking for a CRM Manager who is passionate about customized communication. Do you also have a dream of working in an industry that improves people's lives, this is the job for you.

You will be the members´ ambassador and build digital relationships on a whole new level.

As a CRM Manager, you are responsible for inspiring their over 200,000 members to exercise for a healthier life. You will do this through smart customer communication where you will initiate, plan, implement and follow up tailor-made activities for their members. The role has a clear purpose - to get their existing members to get more out of their membership. You will be the members´ ambassador and build digital relationships on a whole new level.

More specifically you will:

  • maximize Actics’ members' value of their membership
  • analyze and prioritize the CRM activities and channels
  • integrate CRM into ongoing marketing plans
  • be involved in building a new Marketing Automation system, and develop flows and content for both proactive and trigger-based communication
  • be responsible for and develop Actic´s loyalty program MyActic
  • be responsible for and execute customized content in member emails

To do this, you:

  • probable have a few years experience of CRM, preferably in B2C
  • experience in target group segmentation and Marketing Automation
  • have worked with customized communication and loyalty programs
  • have a good knowledge of why and how content is used to reach target groups
  • are fluent in Swedish in speech and writing

The Actic team is friendly and prestigeless and are helping and looking out after each other. With a mission to change not only Actic, but a whole industry and society, Actic is truly a player to count on - are you in?

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