Welcome back Nord DDB! Happy to once again help Nord DDB recruit a Senior Client Director with a deep knowledge of brand development, project planning, leadership and business acumen.NORD WE ARE HIRING 16x9

Nord DDB are 350 people in four countries, all sharing the same goal: Breaking brands into pop culture! The role as Senior Client Director at NORD DDB means that you have the overall responsibility for the customer and the division of work within the team. This means that the Client Director deeply understands the customer’s business, their organization as well as the customer's customer; and drives the relationship and builds culture for the internal team. Together with the creative responsible the Senior Client Director has the overall responsibility for all work that NORD DDB delivers. Organizing and leading both the Core Team and the broader team that is defined for the customer.

As a Senior Client Director you will among other things:

  • Have a very good understanding of NORD DDB's business concept, vision, mission and values and actively drive more sales to existing and potential customers, throughout NORD DDB's group offering. The role also run independent pitch processes. Thats means initiating new assignments for existing customers and be able to lead and initiate work and pitch.

  • Be responsible for ensuring that delivery times and the quality of all deliveries are kept and follows the plan set for the customer / project. Never promising deliveries without checking with the team that it is reasonable in terms of time and cost.

  • Be responsible for investigating the need for additional sales.

  • Coordinate customer activities together with Client Manager.

  • Have an active role in drafting customer agreements / negotiating agreements with customers. Responsible for revenue level and recovery rate for the projects in their entirety.

  • Work continuously with the finance department to achieve efficiency in the projects. Corporate responsibility for P&L at all income levels.

As a Senior Client Director you are:

  • Always working proactively and good at delegating.
  • Is a committed and responsive leader who motivates and develop others.
  • Able to form a team culture that is based on NORD DDB's values and the Customer Department's values - rules of the game and that matches the customer's own culture.
  • Provides ongoing feedback to the team and is a resource at the agency.
  • Is good at optimizing teams and resources.
  • Have a great customer confidence and is a sought-after advisor.
  • Inspirational presenter.

We think you have a higher education or equivalent. At least 7 years of experience in project management and high understanding of customer and project finance. You need to have a deep business strategic understanding as you will work together with the customer on business strategic issues. Communicates freely in Swedish and English (in both speech and writing).

And also, during the summer we are taking some time away from the screens, but don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be back in August to go through every single e-mail and application.

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