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Mathias Wellström
Mathias Wellström


Hey! What an awesome assignement and opportunity. Becoming a member of this great family. Also called SthlmConnection. They have actually made this beautiful site, but also so much more lovely stuff. Are you their new Strategic Project Manager?

Hello there!

SthlmConnection need your help managing some of their many and fun projects. Why? Because they keep – fingers crossed – getting new, big (and small), exciting projects that need careful management.

Stockholm Connection

SthlmConnection is a strategic digital agency that creates sustainable digital solutions that make people and organisations thrive. Our clients are mostly creative, innovative organisations that have a positive impact on society. We’re a distributed team with offices in Mellerud, Hofors, Åre and Stockholm. You will be located at our Stockholm office at Norrsken House.

Most importantly: you!

You’ll be just as valuable to their team when you’re in flow and stack achievements on top on each other as when nothing goes your way. Also: you need to find this job interesting and believe that you can make something good out of it.

Our guess is that you’ve had some sort of leading role for a few years, probably as a digital project manager. But maybe something completely different. You find people fascinating and you’re eager to analyse and experiment. you’re comfortable in making decisions, handling occasional conflicts and running a team and project from start to finish.

What will you do?

As a strategic project manager at SthlmConnection you’ll be responsible for planning and managing projects in close collaboration with the team and their clients.

We believe SthlmConnection have a pretty great project process and a pretty clear picture of your work description.
SthlmConnection cannot wait for you to ask new questions, make new suggestions and turn things upside down until everything feels awkward. And then, suddenly, realise you guys have come up with an even better process, work description, team and business together since you joined them!

Does it feel like your kind of place?
If so, please show your interest ASAP.

Happy campy!

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