Camilla Wänström
Camilla Wänström

Managing Director

At TRIB, we believe that a successful placement changes lives. But also organizations. For close to ten years our candidates and clients have trusted us to help them evolve, getting better and happier.


Become our new sparkling colleague, focusing on roles in areas such as Marketing, Growth, Product, and Design.

Join our great team, helping talents and companies to meet!

We work with full-time recruitment, shorter freelance positions, creative workshops and most probably other brand new stuff soon.

You will work dedicated with our freelance offer, identifying talent and potential. Growing our freelance network by being at the right place at the right time, reaching out to help talents and companies to meet.

You will work close with the wonderful talents in our network, helping them find their next gig. Together with the rest of our team, you will provide creative ideas on how we can work smarter and more effective, but the most important part is that you will work with people. We believe that you are awesomely digital and have a good knowhow in technology, design and the communication industry. You are keen to find creative ways of building network and create content that make an impact for the people in our network and our clients.

So. You do need to like people. Talking to them, understanding them, helping them. And we need to be honest, there is no way to get around administrative work for none of us. Today, you probably have a role in the industries we work towards, with an understanding of the positions we are helping our clients to fill.

For this role you need to be fluent in Swedish both in writing and speech.


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