Magnus Lindberg
Magnus Lindberg

Talent Agent

We live in a digital world, both socially and monitary. So how do we teach the next generation how to be economically responsible - Gimi knows!

Gimi is a youth-first neo-bank, a Stockholm start up founded in 2015, today with a growing team of 15 employees with a cozy office in Gamla Stan. Now we are looking for a Senior React Native Developer who is ready to continue the great work of Gimi’s award winning app.

As the senior App developer, you will be focusing on the core of Gimi’s business, the intuitive and user centric app for the target audience – the young people as well as their parents.


At Gimi you get to work with a team of doers and to thrive in this role you need to feel comfortable working independently, taking on a lot of responsibilities for the whole lifecycle of the development. This is an opportunity to really make a difference every day at work. About 90% of the development is done in React Native but there’s also some native modules for Android and iOS. You will be part of building new features and integrations in React Native as well as keeping the native modules and corresponding libs up to date.

This role is perfect for you if you have:

  • At least 3 years of React Native experience
  • Around 5+ years of Android or iOS development
  • Experience and interest in JS, flow and node
  • Great understanding of the complete development cycle/process

Sounds fun? Get in touch!

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