Kristina Lindquist
Kristina Lindquist

Talent Agent

A warm welcome to RugVista, one of the leading European direct-to-consumer online platforms within rug sales via its online stores in 20 different languages. Founded in 2005, offering a broad and relevant range of quality design and traditional rugs.


In the continued development of the business, the need to strengthen the team with a Head of Technology has now emerged.

A fantastic opportunity for those who like to be involved in running a business in constant motion. Where technology is at the center and is the hub for all success.

Both to thrive but also to be relevant for this fun role, it is required a proven track record of delivering complex products and projects on-objectives and on-time. With considerable experience with development, deployment, and maintenance of a software ecosystem.

A constantly changing business

In addition to above, it is also necessary to have significant experience regarding performance-optimizing web-shops (from multiple dimensions) and front-end AB testing, among a lot of other things.

A plus is of course if you can code. But also knowledge from migrating monolith to micro-services architecture is positive.

In this role you'll define the technology strategy and roadmap and own the architecture and infrastructure. This in a constantly changing business and technology environment.

As a person, you're driven and analytical, with a natural skill to solve problems. You are a thought leader with the ability to successfully lead and develop your team and communicate effectively with different stakeholders.

Drive tech business value

And not to forget, both an interest and a talent to see how technology can and should successfully interact with and drive business value.

If this sounds like an exciting next challenge, feel free to contact us for more information. Or show your interest below!

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