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Philip Åstmar
Philip Åstmar

Creative Director

160 years old, but who’s counting. Skandia might be an old company but in a modern shape, in everything from their office to their lovely UX-team. Now they are looking for another star to join them in their continued UX-journey.

At Skandia you will have the opportunity to try new things out and the chance to develop their work with user research and to share your knowledge with the rest of the team, set processes, and implement new work methods.

The team is still quite small (10 people) so the UX-roles are broad and kind of all-arounders.

At Skandia it’s a good thing to know a little about alot.

In this role, you will develop simple and pleasing products to ensure high usability and a great customer experience. You include the user perspective and business goals in your design and have experience of working with user research, idea generation, design and usability tests.

The right candidate

  • Has worked with similar tasks for some years, and know how to handle some complexity.
  • Do some end-user design as well.
  • Probably like to hold workshops and do interviews.
  • Also like to present thoughts, insights and designs.
  • Speak and write fluent swedish.

So, take the chance to jump on a fast moving train by clicking below.
(Of course you can write in swedish as well)

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