Peter Teigene
Peter Teigene

Business Director

Welcome back Polestar. With another fun and challenging global role. As responsible for not only all commercial training. But also process, methodology and systems for the business's knowledge management.


A broad role and task. But at the same time very specific.
You own the strategy, development, and implementation of experience, content, and program management of commercial training. And that means all of it. In spaces, at customer care, at events, handover, and test drives. The customer-facing staff. This means ensuring that the delivered training program brings the Polestar brand and product experience to life, through an accessible and inspirational training platform and toolkits. Making sure that all relevant staff is onboarded and continuously trained.

All about bringing the Polestar brand experience to life

The role also includes training non-customer facing personnel, making sure that Polestar is transformed to become experience and customer-led.

You manage central training resources and steer the global programs, tools, and systems. The latter linked to the responsibility for the overall Knowledge Management at Polestar.

You promote and utilize knowledge assets, to drive a digital-first, one single source of learning, from within and back, via the customer. This to ensure quick and on-brand communication and activation of new now-how. Easily and systematically distributed via different channels.

You are a strong and experienced leader, with great experience in change management and customer-oriented digital initiatives.

Your English needs to be perfect, both in speech and writing.

Is this you?

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