Hussein Al-Asadi
Hussein Al-Asadi

Talent Agent

Another exciting role at SEB. As a Product Owner, you will work together with other superstars to create and build the best experience for users of SEB's digital channels.

First off, you won't be alone. By your side, you will have developers, designers, channel specialists, and tech leads. Product Development is highly valuable and your job is important.

SEB office

In this case, SEB is looking for a product owner with a couple of years of experience. Someone who is used to working with technical products within mid to big-size organizations. This person needs to be humble and good at creating and managing relationships. As a product owner at SEB, another important aspect of the job is to protect the team from outside threats and make sure the team has what it needs to be able to perform.

To be able to perform and enjoy this role fully we believe you need:

  • A couple of years working as a product owner or product manager.
  • Experience in managing and prioritizing a technical backlog.
  • Enjoy leading and coaching a team of motivated people.
  • Familiarity working in a mid to big-size organization.
  • An eagerness to build awesome digital experiences and products.

Sounds like fun? Let us know below!

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