Welcome Daily and Forsman & Bodenfors. Happy to help them with a Community Manager on the Swedish Market. We are also looking for 2 freelancers, one on the Danish and one on the Norwegian market!


Daily is a part of the Forsman & Bodenfors creative collective, consisting of 40 specialists. Their work is dedicated to the glorious world of content creation, media innovation and tactical communication.

Right now we are helping them find, for a specific client, a number of skilled Community Managers. This as a permanent role, but we are also looking for 2 freelancers on the Danish and Norwegian markets.

If you´re eager to command and conquer the tonality and code of conduct of one of the largest entertainment brands in the Nordics and the world.

As Community Manager you will take care of the posting and commenting on one of Daily's Nordic customers' social accounts. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
All accounts are in English, but Facebook is translated into the language of each Nordic country, in this case Swedish. You will work closely with their Social Media Lead and the rest of the team to develop a brand voice as well as work processes for content and to identify opportunities in (and outside) the channels.

The right candidate for this fun role has years of experience from creative work on social platforms, and a track record of high-impact social media campaigns. This together with a sense and knowledge of what (locally) flies organically on social media, in terms of trends, technical limitation, formats and platform nuances. Great writing skills is a must, in both english and Swedish.

You also need to have a genuine personal interest in TV, Film, Series, Entertainment and Social Media culture.

So, if you are a Community Manager with great culture and writing skills (SE and EN), show your interest below!

Daily’s vision is to achieve world class creativity in the small spaces, and maintain everyday conversations that put a smile on people’s faces.

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