Mathias Wellström
Mathias Wellström

Commercial Director

Our mission is clear, to connect dreams with reality. And to create real change through successful placements, both temporary and permanent solutions. We grow with our clients and therefore we now need to recruit for ourselves. Of course an extra fun assignment.


Our focus is twofold, but also clear. We help exciting businesses to attract talent in marketing, growth, design and product development. With clients such as H&M, Klarna, Polestar and NORD DDB.
And right now we are looking for another colleague with a solid background in product and/or service development. If you then have experience from UI or UX, as a product owner or scrum master does not really matter. But you need to have relevant experience from the industry.

Our model for identifying and processing relevant candidates, you will learn on site. No worries! All of us have gone through the same metamorphosis. Somewhat painful, but at the same time very developing. Everything you already know is useful in the role as Talent Agent.

There are no shortcuts

Important for liking and coping with the task as a Talent Agent with us is that you have drive, energy and close to laughter. You also need to like people, but just as much the task of making a real difference to our clients. The goal is never to complete a recruitment or mediation of a consultant, without creating a change, improvement and relocation. For all parties. See the task as detective work. And who has not dreamed of being a detective?

There are no shortcuts, but great opportunities in successful matchmaking. By understanding people's driving forces and dreams, combining them with relevant and attractive needs. That's just lovely.

You will work with identifying talent and potential. And to understand and interpret needs and possibilities. All this in close collaboration with your colleagues and your team. You are never alone, we do most things together. Our model and method are based on combining each other's skills. It simply gets better then.

Who has not dreamed of being a detective?

Together we provide smart advice to top agencies, successful companies in the tech industry and large international corporations.

Become our new sparkling colleague!


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